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What is it all about?

I am Daisy Rock and I live in a seaside town called Brighton in the UK. You can liken it to a mini London by the sea but it’s far more relaxed and a hell of a lot more sexy. I am not an Ordinary girl that lives next door, I am different, and I have always known that. I am driven by my sexuality and my whole life has suffered and flourished because of it. I wholeheartedly began my Porn career as Daisy Rock in 2007, my sex life was severely getting in the way of every other Career prospect I had ever encompassed by consistently getting up to a fuck load of no good. I own my sexual freedom and I enjoy inspiring other sexy people to own theirs to. I really do not see the problem with all people being anything and everything they are sexually without the social barriers that make it a sinister dirty pastime.

Anyway I digress, so I like being a sexy bad girl, and could tell a million and one stories of all of the sexual risqué debauchery that I happen on this world, and I do!

I have expressed many of my sexploits through my website an opportunity for me to earn a living out of something I love and can’t get away from at any length, no matter how hard I try.

My career so far speaks for itself. I have built up a wonderful fan base of which I consider my friends, who share the same thoughts, feelings and naughtiness as myself. I have in my own way created ‘a lets own it’ attitude to everybody who has felt guilty or restricted as sexual being to express themselves without fear of being told that this is a bad thing. Sharing your body and having sexy fun is not a bad thing in my opinion, as long as you are honest about whom you are and what it is that you’re all about.

I have been noted for my sexual style and my dedication in my now on going career, and have won many awards for being a fan favourite performer, noted for the style of my films and freedom of expression. I do not consider myself to be the most beautiful woman in the world even though I am super happy with my look and my body. I am aware that I have a very unique androgynous look, I except that, and some find me very beautiful and some just don’t get it. But that is not what I am about, I am about personality and bravery, to be exactly who I am and own my exhibitionism. I live this life and love to encourage you too, to live and express your sexual freedoms. Let’s get kinky.

So now with that little snippet of background I now announce that I am starting my new business named I will be the first Porn Star worldwide to go live on camera 24 hours a day 7 days a week with a lifestyle that is just not being seen! There is so much of it that I have taken the plunge to exhibit every single moment of my unbelievable sexual adventures.

So to start I will be having a launch night, I have had such a great reaction to this that I decided that on that night, I will be with my friends just getting up to what we normally do in any sexy debauched moment. None of this will be planned, I am just going to turn the cameras and go with the flow. After the launch night when it’s just me, there of course will be downtime moments where I will be sleeping, showering and living, that might interest you if you were to consider me say your virtual girlfriend. But what I aim to capture are those amazing moments that are so sizzling hot and spontaneous they actually look amazing and more exciting than any pornography that we view, as all the footage is real life my everyday life that fans love to see.

I am producing and directing 12 feature movies this year for Paradise Films based in Germany. You will be privy to those, you will see my live cam shows, my sexy bitches of girlfriends pop by. The porn boys I like to booty call. The spontaneous boy fucks that I bring home, my private wanking sessions, Oh so much to mention, I think you should come along for the ride. Let’s see what happens. If this weekend and all my others are anything to go by, you will not get bored EVER!

Every moment that is a certain special, will be recorded and loaded, so that you will not miss a beat. If you miss a party because of your time scale in another country you can catch up whenever you like.

I am working with a team of guys in Devon in the UK that will upload and clearly announce an organised show or party so you will know what is exactly going on.

We have scrupulously tested the equipment and it’s the best. It will look like television beamed into your homes, so it will not be the porn webcam footage we are so used to seeing. To my fan base that I have aptly named Scoundrels, I am an ultimate perfectionist and professional and I’m 100% dedicated to this venture. I am extremely excited and nervous all at once, I know not yet how it will be for you, or me, but I am going to give it everything I have got, please wish me luck and support me like you always do. In return well you know!!!

I will announce on Twitter the launch date, and I will be inviting you in FOR FREE that evening, no excuses then A?


I am hoping the 12th February but there is still a lot of work to do, I will keep you updated.

You are my loves, you are my life and I thank you for being there for me for the last 7 years, without you, I cannot live my dream and help you find yours. Scoundrels unite in the movement of our sexual freedom and lets kick some arse, or if your American Ass. Haha

Your Daisy Rock
Your 247 Porn Star

Below are thoughts and comments that I asked my fantastic fans and friends on twitter when I asked them how they would describe me to an alien. Giggle …

This is what they said…

?@deanlacher Feb 1
@DaisyRockUK Largely, for me, it’s your womanhood, sexuality is a part of that, but there is so much more, there is … Everything.

Gunter Freddy ? Feb 1
@DaisyRockUK YOU ARE ONE THE MOST AWESOME LADIES HERE ON Twitter. WE LOVE your beauty character and sense of humour!!!

?@David9Points Feb 1
@DaisyRockUK You are one of the few people that talk to us on twitter. Some famous people just ignore us. You always speak to your fans.

@David9Points Feb 1
@DaisyRockUK a dream date who oozes sex appeal from every part of your gorgeous body. Together with a dirty mind makes you perfect.

I know this sound cliché. But you are among the few people that are keeping me going at the moment. You pick me up when I’m down.

?@David9Points Feb 1
@DaisyRockUK I like to know things like what you do on your ‘down’ time? What’s it like to be a film star? Then how do you stay looking so good?

A super slut who lives, breathes and sleeps sex!

?@Strapon_Jane Feb 1
@DaisyRockUK this lady is so bad she soo good, gotta love her xxxx

You are a beautiful , kind and intellectual woman. But also one with a naughty mind. The ideal fantasy woman. X

#naughty #passionate #outspoken and #driven

Sexy, very sexual and down to earth.

Caring, awesome, gorgeous and very approachable.

Sexy, gorgeous, open, caring and totally filthy – a perfect lady.

Gorgeous, stunning kinky fucker, ass to die for, a little sexy tease and one of my fave Porn Stars. I wanna fuck in her ass all day xxxx!!!

YOU ARE ONE THE MOST AWESOME LADIES HERE ON Twitter WE LOVE your beauty character and sense of humour !!! x

Quite simply the sexiest woman on the planet!!!!!!

Daisy, your police scene with @Strapon_Jane might be the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen, it’s truly incredible! xx

Intelligent, sexy, the UK’s premier adult film star and one of the few to genuinely take the time to interact with fans!

Films, humour, music taste, intelligence, how about vice versa as having no joy with my messages to girls! X

I like to know personal things like preferred places to have someone and what positions?

Strong, independent, confident, approachable, fun loving, sweet, talkative.

Our first connection with you is through your porn. We see this unbelievable sexy woman doing things we fantasise about. The utter filth!
Which we all dream of. Then when we meet, I see this other beautiful side to you. The personal, caring touch. Someone who treats you with respect. The time spent doesn’t feel cold or impersonal. The complete opposite in fact. Then you realise that the true beauty of Daisy lies within that beautiful heart of yours. You have this amazing ability to make people feel like they are living. Not just surviving. Not many people in this day and age can say that. That time I spent with you will live with me forever. You bring a smile to my face and a glow inside of me. That’s what you mean to me. XXXX

Genuinely a nice person, who interacts so well with her fans. You are at the forefront of new ideas in porn! Hope this helps? X

You are interesting , funny and sexy , you do what it says on the ‘tin’….Daisy ROCK ;)) xx

A sultry, sensuous, sexual goddess, genuine & down to earth, accessible, obtainable, someone who genuinely appreciates her fans!

I WANT TO KNOW your interests, what you like doing in the weekends. Favourite books, movies, TV shows

At first it was because you’re just so fucking sexy and nasty. Later it was because you’re just a real chick who seems fun.

A girl who knows what she wants, and knows how to get it. She has brains and beauty to boot. Fun loving and sexy!