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After 8 Years of performing in this Industry there is not really a stone left unturned to what I have and have not witnessed. Good and bad I have witnessed much. I have made every mistake I possibly could, looking like a right twat, to smoothly operating like the seasoned professional with much acclaim. I’ve experienced most of the detrimental traumas possible, and the most elevated highs. I am unscathed to a point, and happy. Some of the traumas left little bruises but the highs taught me to stay grounded. Today I am in complete control of everything I do which is an amazing place to be. But we all have to start somewhere right?

This is my advice to you the newbie.

Girls. When you make that decision to work in Porn you will be very much alone. Not in the – you will be shagging no one sense, I will tell you that everyone will want to get their hands on you at first, as being a newbie elevates you to a brand new ego high, but in the sense that when you get home after a shoot whatever happens there, your psychology will be dealing with it.
Boys. Be confident. Most directors are great but you do get the odd ones who are absolute assholes and treat you like shit to put you off your game. Be pre-warned!

How to get in??? I know it’s harder now but we will always need new people and that is you. Boys I would suggest getting some photo sets but mostly getting some scenes together on tape to prove you can do the job. If you have to pay a girl to get these scenes I would strongly suggest that. Producers need to know that you will be able to succeed at your job. That means you can maintain a hard on through a manner of all different experiences, being hot or cold, maybe the girl is not your thing, after shooting stills and waiting for the girl to be ready blah blah. Make sure you give a performance that makes the girl look good, guys are not watching porn to look at you, you are just a stunt cock, make that girl look amazing and do not be lazy and expect the girl to do all the work. That is your job, you are not there to get laid you are there to perform. Getting laid is a Perk! If you are a good looking guy then getting work will be easier and the chics will love it. IT IS NOT THE SIZE OF YOUR DICK that makes you an ideal candidate for this job. It is about the performance that you are able to give and maintain under all circumstances. Watch some porn watch what the guys have to do and understand that he has worked for an hour or much more before you see that scene.

These are the questions you need to ask yourself.

If you are thinking of going into the world of porn know that this will be online in the public eye forever. When you leave porn to take on that job role after you finish university, your porn persona will still be out there for everybody to see. If you are ok with that then go ahead. If you know that your future husband or wife will be OK with knowing what you used to do then go ahead. There is a chance that no one will find out but that chance is very slim and this world is cruel.

If you are young and strong and know your own mind, you do exist! Do your research before shooting for any Tom, Dick or Harry. Online is a very good place to start.
If you are young and have problems in life and you are not so sure about yourself this is probably not an industry that would suit you.

If you’re in America I would get an agent, but choose very wisely. Some of them are slave drivers, and don’t care about the physical effects of working you hard will have on your body. Think about whether or not you want to have hard core sex every day and on the days you do not feel like it. In the US this can be a common expectation.

Girls, Choose what you want to do at the start and stick with it. The choices are Solo Girl, Girl/Girl Only, Boy/Girl and Boy/Girl Anal. You can choose to do fetish to if that is your cup of tea. Speak with your agent about this. In the UK this is pretty much your own decision. Boys, yes unfortunately you will possibly have more success quicker if you are straight and you go down the gay route, you will get more work and more money. But there is a chance that when you want to cross over to the straight stuff the girls might not want to work with you and you can be mocked in the Industry, I have seen it happen. So be prepared.

In the US, if you have something that an agent finds special they might get you to sign a contract. This one is easy, DO NOT sign anything until you have consulted a lawyer so you know exactly what is expected of you. I have seen this go wrong so many times and there is no easy way out of it and you could end up owing a lot of money or earning nothing to pay your dues back. The only thing you should be signing is the model release before the shoot.

Choosing your name is a very important part of your porn personality. So think about this one long and hard. Maybe tell your friends and say it out loud for a bit, see if you get used to it and remember to check it online, there maybe someone out there with that name or a similar one and you want to be unique. I made this mistake and when I bought the name Daisy Rock I later found out it was an American guitar company. My bad, but I liked it so much I stayed with it, you might not want that.

What is expected of you? Always make sure that you know exactly what the shoot entails. Your agent should have already done this for you but in the UK you need to ask the production manager or director before you agree to do the shoot. You do not want to turn up on the day of an anal scene if this is not what you do. It will waste your time and theirs.
Your ID. When you go to a shoot you must always have to forms of current ID with you. You cannot shoot without it. I have left mine on the side at home once or twice and even as an established known performer they will still need to see my ID’s on the day.

Your tests. You have to be tested regularly and you have to have your test certificate on the day with you. It must be in date usually every 28 days but many performers now, (I know a few) test every two weeks. I have had girls turn up on set with chlamydia as positive and not got their clear retest papers with them. Thinking I will still shoot them. NO I WON’T!!! Nobody will so don’t be a fucking idiot.

Your body is going to be your prime tool and you need to look after yourself. If you are eating the wrong diet of sweets and crisps and drinking lots of caffeine you will not manage the heavy schedule and perform at your best. Look after yourself. Go to the gym, Eat lots of protein and dark green vegetables, drink lots of water, keep fit and get a good amount of sleep. This job is tiring and you can crash quickly on set if you’re not fit.

Look after your skin with creams and shave your relevant bits as you also want to be super lovely for the performers you are working with. Look after your pussys and cocks to. I always make sure a stud washes his hands right before a scene as dirt and germs from the set is the most common way just to get stupid, annoying infections that are avoidable. Always have lube with you as well, it saves any friction soreness from long shagging or toy scenes where you might lose your regular wetness.

Have a kit. You will always need lube and baby wipes for all sorts of things. But also make sure you have the correct attire for the shoot. Find out exactly what the director has in mind and then take some extra different stuff with you just in case he changes his mind or he does not like what you have brought. I have had girls turn up with no shoes, one old grey bra blah blah, this is not professional and will affect your shoot.

Do not turn up pissed or high as a kite. If you are going to do this job and you have to be high, it really is not for you. It is a really bad start. These days directors do not really tolerate this and a performer will not thank you for it either.

Do not have an attitude on set. If you are difficult to work with, no one will want to work with you. Of course there are going to be directors that are all sorts of weird, awkward, rude ,blah blah remain professional and just call your agent if you have a problem. In the UK just remain professional and maybe share with a trusted colleague, if it’s bad, really bad, then do not hesitate to leave! Shame and tell. It does not happen that often but if anything bad happens to you, share it to prevent it happening to anybody else.

Girls and boys, producers love a great and easy going, fun personality with top professionalism. That is key. If you are nice you will get lots of work. If you are beautiful as well you will get even more.

Do love to social network. The more you promote yourself and take control of your career the more fans you get, the more producers will want to shoot you and the longer you will last. It is quite unusual for a girl to last just over a year or two as you are being replaced rapidly and once all the producers have shot you they will want to shoot someone else. Boys, as long as you are a strong performer and keep moving with the times and taking it up a notch you could have a happy life long career for many years.

Last but not least, enjoy it!!! This is the most amazing Industry I have ever worked in. As a rule I have meet the most amazing people ever and I am having a really great time. The fans are fantastic and treat me with the most amazing respect. I find that if you totally own what you do and stand proud you will be respected for all the hard work that you put in. Most producers and production companies treat you well and want to have a good day and a good shoot the same as you. So take that leap if it’s what you want to do and hang onto those reigns your gonna get fucked like a racehorse at the Grand National.

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