Fuck me another virgin

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Fuck me another virgin

Well I had such a fantastic plan, I went out for the weekend in London with my great secret friend Sahara, and she is younger than me and totally beautiful in everyway. We look and feel great together and whenever we plan a night out we always end up in the most beautiful, let’s say arrangement together.

I received a letter a while ago from a boy that wanted to loose his virginity to me. You might know that I am very much into this, probably since I started to get many requests. We have been talking together for months now and I thought it abut time that I got on the train up to London to pay him a visit.

We met in a nightclub with my friend Sahara and had the most erotic time getting to know each other. We could not keep our hands off one another. He was absolutely beautiful and I noticed that he could not take his eyes off me. He listened so closely to my every word, I wanted to treat him with kid gloves and as far as my intention went this would just be a meet and after the club, Sahara and myself would spend the rest of the night alone.

We get tired of the club and think it is a good idea to leave. We make our suggestions to the boy that we will meet with him another time. He said yes that was fine but Sahara invited him back to the hotel when I went to get our jackets.

“He is coming back to the hotel with us,” she announced.

He is cool and laid back and appears very comfortable so I agree. We get back to the plush hotel in Leicester Square, we drink a little Jack and all of us have a smoke. Sahara’s phone rings, Oh I wont be long I have to take this call, I know that it is her ex boyfriend checking up on her as usual. They finished about two months ago but every time he goes out on the weekend he pines for her again, he calls her and she always feels guilty enough to pick up. She leaves the room.

I am left on my own, with the virgin. I pour him another small drink and visit the bathroom. I am leaning over the sink when he pops his head around. I smile and he walks in the door and moves his body behind me pushing up against my curves. This I think is quite a brave for such a young inexperienced boy. I can feel his nerves. His body is starting to shake I calm him a little by whispering its ok.

I turn to him and face him and he lunges at me in a desperate bid to start whatever is in his mind. I slow him down, and he breaths, almost like a sigh of relief. I do not want to treat a boy virgin like that of how I would treat a man in a porn movie, or a feisty fuck that you might have with a more experienced man. That experience could come at any time in your life, but your first time can’t. I want him to relax have a hot time without any stress.

I kissed him and touched him slowly I can feel him trembling beneath my fingers and my lips, I can feel his nervousness in every pore of his skin, his hairs are on end but all the while he has the biggest hard on that he is constantly moving towards my groin. I want to take things really slow with him as I’m aware that I have all the cards in my hands from experience. He will explode any minute now if I wanted him to.

I undo his shirt and his nipples are hard, I take off my dress to reveal some beautiful black silky Italian lingerie, I pick up his hands and put them onto my waist telling him to feel me. I tell him to touch my breasts and he shakes even more than before. I undo my bra to reveal my pert bouncy tits that are swollen more than usual. This is such a turn on, he is young, I am experienced and the fact that we are both so into each other is amazing.

“You smell so good.” He whispers.
“So do you baby.” I return the compliment.

He does and his own smell is driving me wild, his skin is so very soft. I push my body against his and he trembles again, he keeps biting his lip. I touch him all over and I can feel his skin getting hotter and hotter I know he is close to orgasm, and I have gone nowhere near his cock. I feel his blood boiling and he is trying to hold back on his groans. I spit in my hand without him noticing, my hand is all silky, I push my hand down the front of his trousers and grab his swollen cock, I hold it firmly and slide down as far to the base as I can with my wet spit hand. I grab tighter as I get to his balls and he scream out loudly as his dick just releases the hot juicy liquid of his orgasm, his scream gets louder then he cums. He pulls me tighter to his body and rests his head on my shoulder just whimpering. He recovers somewhat and lifts his head off me to look at my face,

“You’re beautiful”, he says, “Such an amazing woman, this feels amazing.”

He looks into my eyes and I know he is desperate to do something but he is still nervous, who can blame him, he is still a virgin.

“Be brave.” I tell him.
“Do what you feel you want to. I can guide you to make it perfect.”

I lift up his chin with my hand and give him a deep kiss. I push my tongue into his mouth and taste the sweetness of Jack and Coke that we had been drinking with the smell of the cigarette he had lit earlier. He responds and kisses me deeply back. He undoes his trousers that are still zipped, and pulls his legs out like a rush fuck that we all do when you’re ripping your clothes off to get laid in your lunch hour. It makes us giggle. He starts to tear at my bra and pants and this time I go with his flow and my body responds to his.

He pushes me out of the bathroom onto the bed and I fall down on the soft covers. He takes my legs and pushes them open to look at my pussy.

“Go on.” I mutter.
“It’s all good.
“Teach me.” he says,
“Tell me what to do.”
“Just breathe, and smell.” I suggest.

He does exactly that, wowing every second.

“You smell so good.”

He breathes me in and tastes my skin. He moves all around my belly, my inner thighs
Whilst grabbing my butt on top of the bed. He the starts to taste me and pushes his tongue in and out of my now soaking wet cunt. He continues and he follows my every instruction.

“Keep going.” I tell him.
“You are going to make me cum.”

He is excited by this, he licks and sucks and pushes his fingers inside me pumping me like I have taught him to, and he licks me the way I have said to perfection. My legs are trembling and I can feel the heat between my legs, I feel tingling all over my body and the blood rushing to my pussy.

“I am coming don’t stop, just keep pushing and licking, ahhh I’m coming.”

I feel a surge of blood go to my head and that familiar dizzy spell, as I groan he groans too, look he says, he stands up pulls his skin back on his dick and shoots his hot come all over my belly as his fingers are still inside me making me cum. Fuck! Fuck! He falls next to my sweat glistening body with a sticky mass of cum all over us.

He lay still just uttering the words fuck every now and then, and I roll over to see the most perfect blue eyes looking back at me. He goes to move and I tell him not to.

“Stay still I whisper.”

I climb onto his body pushing my silky skin down onto his, I can smell him and his cum and his sweat, he smells so fresh and fucking horny. I kiss him and force his arms down by his side whilst I kiss every part of his body. I look at his flaccid cock but as I get nearer I can see it starting to swell. I lick the underside of his dick and coast his balls he is incredibly hard again. I tongue around the end of his dick just so slowly so it bounces towards my lips. On the third bounce I take the end in my mouth and slide his whole length in until it reaches the back of my throat. He groans so loud, and I love that. As I slowly pull out I start to suck him and it makes him throb in my mouth, I suck at the base and work my mouth all the way to the end. I slowly push him in again but this time I thrust him deep in my face so I get a scream when I hit his base. I look into his eyes whilst he looks into mine. I pull him off the bed while he is still in my mouth. He is now standing. I pull my lips away look up at him and order him to fuck my face.

“What.” He says,
“Fuck my face, do it.” I order.

I grab his ass and pull him into my throat showing him how to fuck me, he groans and groans louder and louder, I am making him fuck my throat so hard I can feel the tension building up, I suck him hard and there is so much spit there is a manner of slurping noises which drives him to force his cock in of his own will. Eventually I let go of his ass and make him know that he is doing a good job by my noisiness. He thrusts and thrusts harder and harder, I pull off him every now and then to give him another instruction.

“Pull my hair, push your cock in again, let me suck you, now thrust again.”
“Cum in my mouth.” I order him.
“really?” he shouts.
“Yes do it and watch yourself.”

He pushes and pushes with all his might and then lets out a scream that he tries to muffle with a deep groan.

“Fuck me I’m cuming.”

He pushes his length all the way into my mouth. help by grabbing his ass. He spurts hot juices and pulls back, he spurts again this time all over my face, there is a third jet that I catch in my mouth, it’s hot and sweet and so much of it. I swallow but there is so much in my mouth.

He falls to the bed and I look at him as his spunk dribbles down my chin. He touches my face and his cum spilling from my mouth. He looks at me so closely and I move towards his lips. I offer my spunky lips to his mouth and he kisses me and holds me close. We lie there until Sahara comes back into the suite.

We fall asleep.

In the morning he asks if we can do it again. I suggest that we do but another time. If you still want me to take your virginity then I will, but for now you will stay a virgin.

I received a call the next day and I am wondering what day is a good day to take his virginity.


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Interracial Vegas Orgy

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I’d only been in Vegas for one night before I hooked up with luscious girlies Natasha Starr and Rachel Richards at Suite party. In the bathroom we devised a plan that would take us to the room shared by studs Rico Shades and Prince Yahshua. We had met these guys at the Suite party but they had left in the early hours to go back to their room and sleep. The sun had come up and the party was on it’s last legs, there was definitely no decent cock around so us girls nipped into the bathroom, touched up our makeup and headed to the boys room. We found Prince and Rico sleeping but it did not take us very long to wake them up. What followed was a whole morning of filth. Huge black cocks, wet pussies and spunk flying everywhere. We absolutely trashed their room haha! I love Vegas baby


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