Fear and Loathing

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Fear and loathing in LA.

This blog below is from 2008, thought I would ressurect it as I am visiting again very soon, also in my next blog I will be letting the secrets out of what really happened in LA, it’s all very extreme but it’s about time I told the tale.

The plane is always cramped, someone always makes a fuss, it just reminds me of working for BA (yes I was a trolley dolly once), hated every minute of it, love flying but wish I had my own Jet one day eh.

14 hours later arrived in LA, found a home in two days in Porn Valley of course, it’s always great to borrow cups of sugar from other Talent, giggle, any excuse for a visit.

Beautiful sunshine pouring down and the dusty LA smog to breath deep into your lungs, London eat your heart out.

Downtown LA provided us with a beautiful Moroccan style hotel suite, lots of rooms to play in nudge, nudge, indulging in the finest champagne of course and a good breakfast.

So we are all set up for a good two weeks of what I can only call debauched and shameless sex, and rock and rolling.

First things first though, go and visit Alan K for a beautifully expensive pair of designer shoes handcrafted by this very talented shoe designer/salesman ..I nearly walked out with more than one pair for every month of the year. Sorry to my Baby who got his wallet raped! Oh Melrose Avenue is Heaven, some very interesting tattoo studios, and a nic nac shop with a life sized paper mache cow outside.

So I lie by the pool just covering my essentials, loving all the sly glances by men clearly with their wives, why can’t they behave themselves, oh alright they’re hot blooded men, but one guy never realised that his wife was LAs Middle weight undisputed boxing champion, god I felt that punch. Just resting at this point as I know the next three days are going to be full of frenzied activities.

I lie in my beautiful Moroccan boudoir, listening to the abominable television channels, Bush this, Bush that blah, blah, blah, Bush on Fire, Bush needs shaving, only joking. Adverts are incredible too, you will die unless you cram yourselves with Kill Aid, the finest drug to stop you from dying, please get advice from your doctor as kill Aid may well kill you, I am not joking it’s so funny and I thought the Brits were fucked up.

And so to Sleep, Well after naughties.