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Ibiza was my favourite place to visit last year and I do believe that 2012 will be no different. During the long hot summer of 2010, I left the UK in order to seek out some long awaited Island fun in the Mediterranean sun. I left the boyfriend at home, packed my bag and began my extraordinary slut adventure with prowess. I met up with Johnny who is a dirty fucker like me, he chartered a yacht for the day, took me aboard and yes of course we had our own private Ibiza adventure. We cavorted on the deck, we drank champagne, indulged in cabin frolics, Island hopped to Formentura, skinny dipped in the clear blue waters, and got sand in all our credentials. Total sluttiness was the order of the day, and as you well know away from my boyfriend I am the perfect slut. If you go to enjoy Johnny and I in Ibiza uncovered!

Daisy in Ibiza

Daisy in Ibiza

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