Back to my 3RD Movie

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Bloody hell this making this movie seems like an eternity ago, it was released in 2008 but it seems longer, it is actually still available to buy. This was such a joke movie to make, now have experienced better directors and producers it seems painful looking back at this. It was fun to do because of the guys, I am not sure how my performance was either, but I remember feeling a right dick and I don’t mean the one down the guys pants. In the porn world this would be an antique now.

Totty Tales

Check out this synopsis it’s hilarious.

Standing at the bus stop in her tight red top, denim miniskirt and fishnets, Daisy Rock attracts Phil’s attention along with that of all the other motorists who pass. He has news – Tony is in hospital. Daisy jumps into the car and the two head off. They find Tony dressed in green overalls. He is a paramedic, but having missed his ambulance he decides to take Daisy inside for an examination. He lifts her top – her tits taste right so Tony’s next task is to check her minge for moisture. Her red panties to one side, he licks and laps. Her check up over, Daisy wants to give Tony the once over. He lies on the bed as she probes her tonsils with his prick. Peeling down Daisy’s panties as she lies face down on the bed, Tony eases his dick into her pussy. She rolls over and moans as he thrusts deep into her cunt. Climbing onto the bed beside Daisy, he enters her pussy spoons. The two screw round till he’s banging at her shaven mound cowgirl. Crouched down at the end of the bed, Daisy wanks Tony’s medicine over her tongue. Then she wipes his dick on her face.

Fucked by the Shaft

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I have enjoyed shooting with killergram over the years and my very first shoot with them was so hot. This was when I met the Shaft. The Shaft is an incredible black stud, I do have a penchant for large black cock so I was delighted to meet one. We didn’t take long to get to know each other very well. I’ve never felt a cock like it, it was fucking huge. He loved my raw, dirty style of fucking and we were at it like mad for hours … the scene is still available on their site, I wonder if the Shaft is still pumping pussy. Below is the trailer where you actually see me getting fucked … so please take a look!
Happy wanking DDF’s.

Fucked by the Shaft

Check out the movie trailer

Loaded Magazine

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Hey loyal fans and DDF’s I was reminiscing about my early days when I was just starting in the giant slutty porn world and I came accross my picture in an old Loaded magazine. I was snapped on a very naughty night out at Torture Garden, London, They caught me in the male toilets getting up to no good of course, lots of fucking sucking and bucking, what a fantastic night that was, 5 of us ended up back at the hotel fucking the night away. Standard.

Loaded September

Daisy Rock and Rebecca More

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Myself and the gorgeous blonde bombshell Rebecca More are getting together today to have some naughty fun.

You can see us on Cam and who knows we might invite you over to join in the fun.

Daisy in Ibiza

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