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Berlin me and Steve Holmes

Every year I always grace my presence one of the largest erotica shows in the world Venus Berlin. It’s amazing, there are six halls of Erotica and the Porn Industry of the world get together and do business between each other and the public. Many Porn Stars attend and amongst the business dealings there is much fun to be had at the after parties and get togethers surrounding the three day event. This year was relatively quiet compared to previous years but it made the parties all together more intimate and concentrated.

The biggest thrill for me however is that is it a chance for me to meet the fans and sign posters and meet my Porn Star friends from around the world for a good catch up.

On my second day there, I bumped into one of my favourite male performers Steve Holmes. He is truly an inspiration and every time I meet up with him my body just looses itself and I fall into a submission when ever he is around, he just has this effect over me. He is 50 now and he is still doing up to 3 scenes a day, this man never fails.

I will always remember the first time I ever met him and it was in a nightclub called the Kit Kat club. It is one of Berlins most notorious and exciting fetish clubs where the weird and wonderful go and play. It’s very much like Torture garden in the UK but very raw and underground, not for the feint of heart.

I was with some friends and I don’t know if any of you remember Isabel Ice (now retired) who was and in my mind still one of the UK’s most outstanding starlets ever to grace our screens, well we were together at the Kit Kat club back in 2008 and she introduced me to Steve Holmes. It was then I first realised for the first time what a great performer truly was. He and Isabel had waltzed me to a gynaecologist chair in the middle of the club laid me down on it and gave me a sexual experience that I was never to forget. Isabel pinned me down and Steve spread my legs and told me he was gonna fuck me up the arse. It was my first time to ever be taken anally properly by a performer and a part of me was a little scared. He and Isabel taught me how to take his extremely large cock with ease and no pain, no spit and no lube.

All in all it was one of the most exciting times of my life.

So back in October was the first time we had connected again after that naughty event and of course I was happy to see him. After hugs and kisses and our usual greetings he asked if I would like to shoot with him the next day, what else could I say other than yes.

Excited and slightly nervous I meet him the next afternoon to shoot with him. Once we are in the room, we get to it, and that is when I lend my body wholeheartedly to him, he is one of the only men I will give myself to completely, the others, well they would just never hit the spot like he does. He teases me and tells me what to do to and I see him get going and growing and ready to teach me a valuable lesson … hahahaha

He loves slapping and spitting and grabbing my throat and fucking me all at the same time, he asphyxiates me just a little so I pass out for just a second or two, and when I come round he is fucking my face. I take him all, every last part of him and all I can remember is wanting more. He makes me crawl on the floor for his pleasure, run around and do any thing he commands me to. The producer had originally booked me for a straight Boy, Girl shoot. Halfway through Steve just took my butt anyway and fucked me strong and hard, I was being fucked to the core of my body and I loved it.

I always feel like I have achieved something after being fucked by him, and that’s the real stuff right there.

So now I have shared that with you and teased you slightly, it would be shameful for the story to end there. Well lucky for us my producer was there and we have the whole scene on captured as behind the scenes footage. I have not seen it yet but when it’s uploaded I think I will sit back and enjoy, and I hope you do to.

Lust Daisy

me and steve holmes

Check out the full movie of me getting ruined by Steve Homes Here

Dreaming of Megan

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Check out my trailer for my ‘Dreaming of Megan’ Movie with Megan Cox

I have dreams of Megan Coxxx, I have been thinking about this cute teen brunette for some time. In my dream I randomly pass her in the street. our eyes meet and then I magically transport her back to my bedroom where I have her all to myself. I do wicked things to that young, hot body of hers and I do not let her go until I am fully satisfied and she has been totally used for my pleasure.

Was this a dream?

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