Daisy Rock is Back

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Daisy Rock is Back!

Ok so this is my real life. After a traumatic and teary couple of weeks I have come to my senses and got back on the horse that I rode in on to my wonderful life. Daisy is back.

So I am horny Again, and when I am horny I am happy, and when I am happy I share the happiness.

This weekend the plan was to get on with some work as I have a mountain of scripts to write and planning for the year ahead but as usual it is not long before the horn in my pants gets the better of me and I need to catch up with one of my horny fuck buddies and get my shizzle on.

Something exciting always approaches me when I least expect it, and unexpectedly I got chatting to someone very gorgeous on facebook. Well to cut a long story short within an hour he was on his way to me and I was getting ready for a little adventure in the name of … take a chance, could be fun! I would never speak to someone online with an arrangement to meet, it frightens the shit outta me and I will almost definitely never do it again. However this felt good, a complete stranger coming to see me for a night in of … well who knows?

He arrived and was amazingly hot, so all good there, we had drinks and chatted and nothing was awkward, it was like we had known each other for years he was not intimidated by whom I was and that was fucking horny. We got a little tipsy and a lot feisty. Put on some great music had a shot or two, and he kissed me, there are kisses and then there are KISSES, and kissing him was hot. He licked my pussy until I gushed and carried on for hours, we sucked and fucked our way into the early hours of the morning just having a shot every now and then for a taste, yummy.

We finally fell asleep and I woke in the morning with his arms wrapped around me, I could feel he was hard as he slowly woke up, so I pushed my wet pussy onto him and fucked him through orgasm after orgasm, until the afternoon. We showered then ate then decided to stay together for another night, so I took him to a friend’s birthday party in a barn in the country. It was wicked, another debauched night of drinking and dancing and flirting with each other was hot, so hot I had to get him home again for more sexy time.

Well he finally left on Monday evening, I think we were both Knackered, but it was the best sex I have had in a long time, and I have made a good friend to boot, that makes me smile from ear to ear. I thought I had lost myself after missing my ex so much, but as we all know time is a great healer and a night like this was medicine for the soul, what was I thinking??

Life is an adventure, and I intend to have as much adventure as I can!

Daisy Rock X

Daisy Rock is Back

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