Latest Fan Fuck

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Latest Fan Fuck

Got to meet John today and he wrote to me a while back as a fan and a member of my site, yes and he braved it and asked the scary question, how does a fan like me get to do your infamous fan fuck. He sent in a couple of photographs of himself and I quite fancied him, so of course I invited him along.

He was very shy and nervous, but I always seem to put men at ease with my friendly demeanour and he was no exception. We got on great and I could feel the sexual chemistry building up in an otherwise quite ordinary day.

I sat on his lap and went through what was going to happen and then after a couple of Face Book friendly photos, it was time to just get him on the bed and ravage him.

We had a great time, but his mind and his nervous energy eventually meant that the mammoth and daunting task he had set himself in his head was to be too much and the fan fuck didn’t fuck. But as I said I keep it real so I wanted to post the video and show you how it’s not always as easy as it looks to come and fuck a beautiful girl. Sounds crazy but it’s soooo true. I was feeeling so fucking dirty, and I really wanted him to fuck me all the ways and all hard. So I just made him play with my arse. Throughout my desperation to be fucked, with John I got the feeling he was quite submissive. I really fancied him, so not to waste an opportunity I ordered him to worship my full body and I used his mouth and fingers for my own pleasure to make sure that at least I was going to get a few orgasms before I sent him on his way. If you think you’ve got what it takes to come and fuck me, get in touch.

I hope you enjoy the scene

Fan Fuck

Fan Fuck

Fan Fuck

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Daisy Wins Shafa

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“Most Outrageous Scene” at the TVX Shafta’s

Well as you know, you had all been furiously voting for my TVX Scene, Calling The Shots which was nominated for Most Outrageous Scene.

The film was shot by Ric Porter for TVX and directed by La La. My co performer was Damien, he was the one who basically got it up the arse from me.

Quite a feisty scene, however I wish it could have been more so, I remember wanting to give it to him quite hard but the little bugger wouldn’t relax so I had trouble trying to fuck him as hard as I wanted to.

I do love shafting men up the arse, BUT only if they like it, if they don’t I am not into it either. With Damien I am not sure if he really liked it or not as his little bum muscles were trying to prevent me from getting in most of the time. If you do watch the video you will hear me asking him to relax a lot …. Poor Damien!!

So after a long day I dragged myself up to the TVX award ceremony and upon arrival I was told that I had WON.

So another Most Outrageous Scene in the bag. Not forgetting that I won the one for last year too.

Never mind, maybe next time!

Shafta Winner
My TVX SHAFTA Award For Most Outrageous Scene