Fan’s Illustration

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I often recieve Fan mail and some of them are really flattering and from Fans that I think really understand my sexual being. This is one I recieved last week, with a beautiful illustration.

Dear Daisy,

When I came across your site, what caught my eye was your facial expression. You posses a fantastically naughty face. This is very important to me from a sexual standpoint.

There are thousands of porn stars out there and I honestly believe most are not into filth on any level. You can see it in their eyes and the ridiculous sounds they spout. You on the other hand always look hungry, eager and greedy. That alone makes me very very horny.

Secondly it doesn’t matter what position you’re in, two cocks, pussy or simply reving yourself up with fingers and toys. You are always in control. Every move you command. What makes this a massive turn on, is this. It is instinctive to you and not put on (If I’m wrong your an amazing actress).

To my illustration, I put you in situation that would to most convey a position of vulnerability. The gritted teeth are to show you are anything but.

If trapped you have the ability to turn it in your favour. Hence, waiting wanting wishing. If I found you like this I know what I would want to do. But, I like the thought of you demanding your wants, and although I am instinctively dominant, I know I would find it impossible to refuse your orders.

There you have it Daisy. Does this make me a perv?

Love V

Dear V,

Yes it does make you a perv, but to me that is a good thing. Being slightly perverted is my whole nature.

Love Daisy X


The TVX Shafta’s

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Well last night after a hard day at the office!! I made my way up to London to TVX’s Shafta award ceremony, this is the awards that you all have been furiously voting for, (well I hope you have). I turned up fashionably late, soaking wet and frazzled, and I can’t even tell you if I won or not, I am NOT ALLOWED. That’s because TVX are not releasing the results until the 5th March, I am not quite sure why, so I will have to let you know then.

In true Daisy Rock style I got a little bit drunk, on one glass of wine. I am such a cheap date! Oh and I pulled a lovely boy, who rode me back to his place on his motorbike, through London, Yes in the rain, so I got another soaking, the rest is a secret. Oh I did get one picture of the event though.

Shafta Awards
Me and Matthew Elliott from Ravers DVD Mag.

I Love Newswipe

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No it’s not sex it’s Newswipe!

It’s a bit political but it’s something I wanted to share, it is just for fun but with a pleasureable meaning behind it. Anyway what am I babbling about? Well that would be Newswipe. Newswipe is a British news review programme broadcast on BBC Four written and presented by Charlie Brooker. The Wikipedia explanation of this would be so …

The aim of Newswipe is to expose the inner workings of news media, just as Screenwipe does to television in general.

The series is a comic, thoughtful and acerbic analysis of recent news coverage. Newswipe also looks at the way the news is presented to the public. Experts are on hand to pick apart certain stories and analyse the news media’s obsessions.

Charlie Brooker comments: “This is new territory for me: I’m no current affairs expert. Just like, I suspect, many people, when I tune into the news I often feel like I’ve wandered into episode 389 of the world’s most complex soap opera. So it’s also about me trying to make sense of a bewildering and often bloody stupid world.”

Like Screenwipe, much of the programme is filmed in Brooker’s living room, with shots of him sitting in front of his TV (and laptop) with remote in hand talking to camera, occasionally bellowing insults or sarcastic comments at whatever happens to be shown at the time, interspersed with shots of shows.

So there you go, anyway it’s brilliant. I particularly have a growing hatred for the media and their cartoon publications and opinions so this for me is my Newsdesk.

Let me know what you think.

P.S I am in love with DougStanhope who drinks!

Charlie Brooker’s Newswipe

My Friday Itch

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Well if you know Daisy Rock well enough or if you are just getting to know me, you will understand that I am a slut girlfriend, I have no explanation for this, it’s just the way it is. Now In the 1920s, Ernest Hemingway bet ten dollars that he could write a complete story in just six words, so my story is “must do it before I die”, that is my attitude, and the fact is my lover has got a fantastic bubbling over sex drive that he loves the fantasy of me being with other men. Not all men I hasten to add, but men chosen by me, and most of them are drawn very spontaniously and when the mood takes me.

So last Friday I had an itch I needed to scratch, and I called a friend over to come and do as I wished, I shall tell you no more about what happened, it’s a secret.

But here is a picture

Spunk on my tits
I love cum on me

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I Promise You

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2010 will be a busy year for me, and a busy year for you watching me, if you can keep up! I have got a new found burst of energy and I will be focusing on giving you the best interactive blog and website in the UK, if not in the world. I will be working my way to provide and shoot much more content than I did last year, and I will be blogging every day. I feel sexy and I want to share that with you, after all my personality is my persona and it’s what is sexy about me, I will share more of my thoughts and my lifestyle happenings, so you can really get me. I appreciate my die hard fans so I want to give you the best.

I intend to live cam for my members very soon. I am just currently waiting for the gizmo to do it, my webmaster wants to do it from my website so we can keep it real for you and protect you from spam if we go through another site.

I am one of the only real lifestyle porn girls and as you know and I will be uploading many more real experiences aswell as my filmed fantasies.

So that is my promise to you, watch this space.

If you have any questions or requests just write to me.

Lust Daisy X

Tits Yeah
Nothing to do with blog post just me with my friend with enormous tits, thought you might like it!

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Monday Blues

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I actually love the beginning of the week, it’s like a fresh new start and I enjoy that. So today is actually filled with must do’s, as Mondays are for me. Nails, hair and facial is a must, got to look gorgeous for you now haven’t I? The rest of my day is catching up on fan mails, e mails, facebook and twittering, which reminds me I have made a new twitter page, so let me know what you think. I hope you like it.

My Twitter Page

Shoot with Kendo

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Still cold outside this morning, makes me wish I could just cosy up all day under the duvet. I never normally felt this way until I decided to take the plunge into porn, I think it’s the idea of getting naked in a cold studio that does the trick, brrrrr. I love working with Kenny Rye and this morning I have a shoot with an unknown stud but I know we are filming a fetish flick with the main obsession being tattoos. So my arm piece is the main focus, however my butt and boobies coming a close second.

Finished perfectly in my black stocking and a ruffle corset piece we slowly start the scene performing a mi?gnonne of myself brushing my hair and talking delicately about the story behind my tattoos. So down to the fucking, well fuck me, my stud not only delicious but what a pussy licker, I came so hard I nearly fell of the chaise lounge. I was trying so hard to stop myself as we had so much shooting to do, but hey stuff that I was deciding to be mostly selfish today, so I did, I came. I was a bit wobbly after but it makes for a real scene eh!

Kenny has promised me some pics so when I get them I will publish them here, and until then just a sneek peek at me and my stud after the event. Oh by the way his name is Jamie Barry for all of those who care.

Lust Daisy

Jamie Barry
Shooting for Kendo with Jamie Barry

Shooting with Bluebird

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Woke this morning and worked my way through numerous train stations in the freezing cold to get to my Bluebird shoot this morning. My gosh I never spent so many hours waiting in snow for my carriage to arrive, the wind was blowing right up myu skirt. Got to Hersham, much like a ghost town, only no ghosts, nothing there at all in fact. Had to get my office to call me a cab as I could not see any sign of life at all. Eventually arrived on set to a bleak looking building but got a beautiful friendly face in a plush office to greet me. Got into hair and make up and greeted all my old friends and then in came Pascal White, my sexy stud for the day. Don’t know what it is about Pascal but I have always had a penchant for him I think it’s his accent and his ability to fuck, no matter what.

Got on set and it was a colder than you can imagine studio, it was sooo cold it was unbearable we need to shag just to warm up, so we did, I do love to fuck off camera before we start. Well that’s because I am a real slut remember! We performed a domination scene where I was particularly evil to him, but hey he can handle it, I did slap him a few times, but looking at the state of his massive erection and by the way he fucked my very wet pussy it all was good.

Here is a pic for you of us on the day, no performing ones yet but I am working on it!

Lust Daisy

Shooting for Bluebird Films with Pascal

TVX Awards

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I have been nominated for this years TV X Awards for the Most Outrageous Sex Scene (quite fitting I do think hehe)

Please vote for me when you get a chance, click here

then click on the Most Outrageous Sex Scene category and click on my movie Calling The Shots

Callling The Shots

Thanks my lovlies

Shooting with Satine

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Last week was an eventful shooting week for my website. I had invited Satine Spark down to Brighton to film her for one of my own personal fetish sex fantasies, The Strap On. Always being the girl with the more dominant nature, I dressed her up in a divine little PVC number and I of course just dribble at the thought of wearing rubber. I slid into a black rubber corset of course with suspenders attached and pulled on some black stockings, the last thing I needed was my hand crafted rubber boots to finish off my ensemble.

Satine looked young, fresh and innocent, all I wanted to do was defile her, and take her like the little slut she is. We kissed and fondled each other feeling the rubber under our tentative fingers, the feeling of her between my fingers and thoughts were just making me wet and wanting to take her wet pussy with every thrust of my strap on that I could give her.

I bent her over the couch pressing my hands onto her peachy arse, and pushed my extended cock into her sopping wet pussy. She groaned and the more she groaned the more I thrust into her. I fucked her hard until I heard her moans get louder, pumping her full of cock. She finally screamed and her orgasm left her cum dripping down my shaft. That is how I love to take a young girl to pleasure, I am glad that she came down to see me.

See you soon Satine, Lust Daisy

Satine Spark

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