Super Marino Shoot

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Super Marino’s Shoot for Playboy

 Ok to meet the demand for more sex on film, I have to make Porn and today will be a particularly good day as I am going to be on set with one of the UK’s most marked stars of our time, Super Marino.

I rock up to Victoria Station, jump in a cab and work my way round a building site full of newly built luxury apartments, one of which I will be fucking in. I jump out of the cab and Marino with his always shy smiley face and tousled grey hair tied back in his usual man’s pony tail, (fuck me he always looks so horny), one of those guys that is just fuckable on the offset. I get upstairs and I meet up with Keira Pharrell, I did not know I was shooting with her today, which is a great surprise, she is one hot bitch, and she does not mess about, she loves sex and I am gonna get fucked.

On set is Joanna Jett great to see her today she is on Camera, I was a bit in awe really she is one of my secret heroines, but when there is sex on the cards, all of that crap goes right out of the window. After make up and styling we all get together for a bit of a chat, we are a group that really can’t stop yapping, I think we have so much in common that we spend half the day flirting, being very rude and pissing ourselves laughing.

Time to get to work, I am doing a three way today so Keira and I start with girl on girl, I am a professional and I am aware of the cameras but fuck me she is so hot, Mario joins our scene after we have totally fucked each other, like a girl battle really, see who can fuck each other the most, I would say that that one, was completely equal. Now we shall fuck Marino, I really want to get at him, I always do but recently he broke his cock, Yes that is possible, and this is his first scene back so we have to be a little gentle with him. Yes, What Ever, Marino’s version of gentle is not really the norm, and we get battered anyway. Two Orgasm’s later and I am wiped out.

No injuries today apart from a bruised knee where I walked into a table, and a stomach cramp from laughing so much at Keira pissing all over the balcony whilst a hovering helicopter right above us was taking a good butchers and waving taboot … bloody hilarious.

So today was a great shoot, great crew, great shags, and I pick up my cheque and go home back to Brighton.

Daisy Rock

Daisy Rock

Daisy Rock

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Fight The Kinky Porn Ban

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For the first time in the western world, when extreme image clauses come into effect in January 2009 it will be illegal for anyone in England and Wales to POSSESS such an image. The central issue here is not whether violent and abusive behaviour is defensible. It is not, as everyone agrees. Rather, the issue is whether this proposal will criminalise non-abusive activities engaged in by consenting adults. It seems crazy that we live in a world where Hollywood produce movies of murder, rape and serial killers, our news programs show daily images of war, people being blown up, shot, killed and abused. But no, the attack by the powers that be is as it always is – against porn – movies and images of consenting adults indulged in fetish activities. The question that immediately follows is this: if the activities or material in question are not abusive, should they be outlawed because some (even most) people find them distasteful? It is worth remembering that a majority once took that view on homosexuality. The Consenting Adult Action Network – CAAN – are organising an action day against the upcoming law. As a British citizen with a keen interest in fetish and femdom erotica I am very concerned about the Government making criminals out of people LOOKING at kinky porn with CONSENTING ADULTS. It’s just one step away from thought crime. Very, very scary. Please help spread the word and show your support by fighting this ban on our freedom.

London – 21st October 2008 – 12:00

St. Stevens Tavern, Bridge Street, London SW1A 2JR – then after to The Houses of Parliament

CAAN are back in London again on 21st October for another awareness raising action against the kinky porn ban and for the freedom of consenting adults to express their sexualities.

We’ve tried being reasonable and now it’s time to be a little bit more interesting..

If you can attend the action to leaflet and so on, or are able to assist with things behind the scenes like transporting equipment, people, or donating resources during the time surrounding the action, please get in touch with us ASAP at or via the web-form.

If anyone feels generous cash wise and is able to donate towards either materials for the action or getting people there who would come if they could afford it, please contact us at the address above.

“We believe in the right of consenting adults to make their own sexual choices, in respect of what they do, see and enjoy alone or with other consenting adults, unhindered and unfettered by government.”

“We believe that it is not the business of government to intrude into the sex lives of consenting adults.”

If you’d like to support this simple notion, please Sign Up

CAAN Visit The Consenting Adult Action Network CAAN Here

Venus Berlin

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I’m off to Berlin tomorrow for the amazing Venus show. If you’ve ever been lucky enough to visit this erotic fair you’ll know it’s one of the best in the world. If you’re planning on going I will be signing on the Paradise Films / Wicked Pictures booth from Thursday to the Saturday. Please come and say hi if you’re going. By the end of the weekend I’m sure I’m going to have plenty of stories to tell. Some of you may recall my 2007 trip detailed here or my 2006 trip to the incredible KitKat Club here. Can’t wait hehe.

Daisy Rock
This is me at Club Insomnia in Berlin last year.

Appearing On Trisha

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I was invited to appear on the Trisha show, up until this point I have avoided it like the plague as I did not want to get into the age old porn debate with mainstream TV knowing that they can show us in a bad light again via the edit machine. However this time they just wanted to talk about me, so I took the chance on facing the final cut.

Before the show is aired I am going to tell all …

The show will go on air this Friday 10th October at 10.30 am.

I am passionate about the Porn Industry and am happy to talk about the positive sides of the lifestyle it provides me and am not ashamed to be happy with what I do.

So I turn up to the studios and I was treated well, I had asked a few times who I would be on the stage with and they kept saying they were not quite sure, I was immediately suspicious but was confident enough to be seen in a good light no matter what.

My suspicions were correct. On stage alongside me, was the typical street crack whore who claimed that she was saving numerous marriages by sleeping with other peoples husbands, looked like she had been dragged through every hedge in town and was literally off her head. Second was a huge Dominatrix who was appearing with her daughter who was only just about 18 and was witness to her mother’s occupation, just weird. I thought what the hell have they dragged up here. I was still confident I could be received well. More comforting was an ex stripper who wanted to appear to enlighten young girls as to the downside of stripping, even though she had been quite successful and already bought her lifestyle from the proceeds. I did ask her in the green room if she was being hypocritical and she said probably yes. However she was pretty and articulate and was sharing her story. So with my shared stage the show opened …

Well the crack whore was an absolute disaster and turned out to be the joke that we all thought she would, the Dominatrix was received not much better, it seemed like the show was going to ridicule an Industry that they decided to bung us all in and I needed to separate myself somewhat.

My interview started really well and I discussed the fact that we all have sex for pleasure and that the porn I make I believe fills a consumers market. Trisha tried to make some joke out of the fact that my boyfriend enjoys my lifestyle with me, she wanted to make a big thing out of it so I just humoured her and giggled and said “yes he is a bit kinky”, and the audience seemed to enjoy my answers. She also tried to make a bad joke about how sex at home for me could be different and not listening to my answer she over talked me and acted out a very bad porn scene and said “don’t tell me you do this at home”, I then said to her that she had been watching to much American Porn and the Brits don’t do it like that. I know she felt a bit of an idiot, I threw everything back at her. I met with some of the audience after and they said they were interested in what I had to say and loved my answers, so I did well with the audience and enlightened them to the positive side of my porn lifestyle.

I was then put into the audience and then came the crunch … they came to a break and brought out the mother of Jane Longhurst. Who we know was killed on the 14th March 2003 by her friend, strangling her during sex. She had started the campaign group The Jane Longhurst Trust with a petition to ban “extreme internet sites promoting violence against women in the name of sexual gratification”. We now know that in May 2008 the Criminal and Justice Bill is made law, a ban on possession of realistic extreme pornographic, images. In Jan 2009 the law will be enforced.

Well they kept that one quiet didn’t they, and I had specifically asked if there was going to be anybody like that on the show, they said no.

So now I realised that I was just padding for their talk on the sex Industry, but I held my own, I just have to wait to see how cruel the edit was, so we shall see.

My whole intention is to tell of a lifestyle that is positive and enjoyable and the reason for that is that there is a current demand to understand …


Daisy Rock