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Myspace Doom

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MySpace and Facebook Doom

Myspace has yet again fucked me up the arse once again and deleted my profile.  The last time it happened I must admit pathetic or not I actually had tears in my eyes.  I must pronounce that some of it might have been, ashamed to admit it, but my time.   I had built up a huge number of fans and I put in so much time, and hours of writing and replying to each and every message and building up relationships with people I have come to know online, come to one sudden buttshafting end.I had actually met and kept in contact with many people all over the world and it was a nice way of just saying hi.
So yesterday knowing that I had a number of messages to answer I go to my page … Oh and there we have it down again. I am now declaring myself well and truly bored … and I can say the same for Facebook, but I shall persevere as I do get to go out on some brilliant nights out, and I would not give that up for the world. However I have my own little conclusion about how I feel about certain parts of online friending.

It’s Stressful
Two years ago we were all like “Hurray!  My Space and Facebook the 21st Century equivalent of reunion” and now its “Urgh! My Space and Facebook ,  the 21st century equivalent of reunion.  It was fantastic when the idea was first born, you could find out who is dumping who, whether any of your school mates turned out to be gay, in my case LOL I am sure it must have raised a few eyebrows.    When you think about everyone you have just even breathed on can look at your life 24/7, you’re under constant pressure to look and sound fabulously thin, intelligent and wealthy.  Especially when people are posting things like ‘just landed in Vegas’ or ‘just got back from celeb party, blah, blah,  It would be much more realistic if we wrote, ‘I am writing In bed with snot running down my face, not attractive at all, anyone have a tissue?’
It Makes You Insecure Have any of your friends ranked you 99th best friend out of 500 of the most interesting.  Try an application and you can find out you have the sex appeal of a frog, the body of a pensioner and the mental ability of a cabbage.  Photo Tagging is one of my favourites, imagine your boss having a quick peek at that Monday morning sickie, when there are pictures that your lovely friends have posted of you over the weekend, completely of your head, snogging the pavement, or even worse in my case again.   Where is this exactly fun?
Everyone’s Got Savvy to Comments
Reading other peoples comments, it’s sneaky rude and downright fun.  But now we are clued up, and now that most people have gone back to private messaging, it’s boring.
The Definition of FRIEND has been Stretched out of all Recognition
We have added our mates, our mates, mates, and the bloke down the chippy and his mates, everyone we fancy.   Would we even recognise them if they knocked on our front door!
It Makes Us Lazy
We no longer go trawling through the shops for a friend’s birthday present or card, when you can just send one online.  What is the fucking point in that, my personal hate, I like presents, fuck those virtual ones, what the fuck are they all about.
It Creates Friend Envy
Hands up we have all snooped on our ex friends.  But the really gutting thing is when you discover that they are friends with two politicians, three TV personalities, a Bafta – winning screenwriter and, heck even one big brother contestant … god I am so guilty of that LOL.
Applications are not even Funny
They never were.  In what other forum would you be repeatedly poked, butt slapped, hit by various pointy objects and foodstuff, be considered a genuine diversion from an annoying work project you’re trying to avoid Eh ?…
Groups Suck
It doesn’t matter how many people join, My Girlfriend Will Let Me Turn Our House into a Seedy Whore House, I Want to Eat My Dinner out Of Johnny Depp’s Belly Button, or I Want to Punch Every Slow Walking Person In The Back Of the Head, it does not make them any more amusing.
Oh the E Guilt 
I always felt bad when I don’t poke a friend back, so then I started, it did not take me long to realize that it means absolutely fuck all.  Did I neglect to stroke your furry parts or responded to your likeness appli cation, what a load of drivel, I just don’t get it, what are we feeling guilty about.
Profile Watcher
AKA the new application which lets you know every single time anyone looks at your page or your pictures.  Which means that in turn, you’re ex boyfriend, No 1 frenemy and boss will get an update if you stalk them?  Like, why?  It’s the death of My Space and Facebook, I tell you.
The Old Fashioned Way
I would still like to keep the contact between friends via the net, I mean after all it saves money, it’s very quick and unobtrusive unlike the telephone, which I prefer to use for instant arrangements.   I love to know there is a party going on or get a late invite out on the spur of the moment and like to know who else might be attending, I also love keeping in touch with fans as I  love the banter that goes to and fro.  It is an ideal way to answer people’s questions and such.

So I guess after my winge I am still a fan of cyber friends, I am just sore at them for pulling me down.

Ho Hum …