Roll Sex and Rock

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Well put it this way, if it is the sex industry you want to hear about it makes for avid reading, if you’re asking Daisy Rock, you have come to the right place. 

During my varied and unconventional lifestyle I have always been driven sexually, I don’t quite know how to explain this statement only to say that, well everything I see has its own sexual nature.  I suppose an example of this would be that most of what I have done has included selling myself, not literally of course, you can’t buy me, but you can buy my creativity.  I used to be a sales gal and using my sexual prowess certainly had me selling more than the average person, it’s the old saying isn’t it … if you can sell yourself!

It all started when telecoms took the open market and I opened a company that rivalled the Big One.   I used to waltz into the hierarchic offices in London in a cheap high street suit cheeky as hell, to explain to the big bod, how his company could save thousands of pounds on their telephone bills.  I used to flirt outrageously and get them tangling their words, some used to take me out for lunch, once  I shagged a very sexy executive over his desk  after he handed me a signed cheque for the product, I earnt a commission of £10,000  that day … Now that is selling.  I realised early how my sexual appetite was insatiable.  So my life was dangerously exciting and I took risks which made me hungry for more.  My life you see was my natural progression into porn.  I took to Porn like a fish to water, and in those salty oceans I shall always swim. 

My first porn movie was a phone call out of the blue, Tanya Hyde needed a pole dancer for the movie Sex Club, I had experience and my friend Nic Vega got me the gig.  When I arrived there was an apartment full of hot and horny looking performers.  I must have looked like a child in a sweet shop dribbling at the thought of them bending me over and having my pussy pounded to death.  Unfortunately this was not going to happen I was not a fully fledged certified slut yet.  I frustratingly danced around a pole however I was invited to perform a solo with a toy … well I only need to be asked once, from that day I knew I would be the next biggest porn slut on the market … this was just the start !!!

I spent the next few months cruising with my own camera at every available opportunity that I could.  I started going out to parties picking up men and girls and fucking them on camera.  I would take them back to the party pick up some more and do it all over again, not one person said ‘no’ it was all so excitingly steamy and dramatic that they daren’t. 

I always had my doubts about the sex industry; I think that society would have us believe that all bad things happen to those who tread the dark side, if that is what it is.  It’s all a cliché if you love unconventional sex; you apparently set yourself up for a whole host of nasty repercussions  … bullshit!  If you love unconventional sex you will have the freedom of an individual who can fully express another side of life, simple.  It’s not for everyone, but we have to have the choice.

The industry is fairly well balanced like any other.  It has its legitimate companies and performers who do a fantastic job, love what they do, to the other side of amateur crap that will stick one on you, as quick as you can say ‘fuck me up the arse’.  The good thing is, they are easy to spot, so if you are a young girl or guy who wants to get into the industry, listening to an old man with a camera saying ‘I am gonna make you a star’, kick him in the nuts.  It’s the equivalent of any office worker going for their first interview being told ‘yes mate your straight in at the top, and you have the penthouse office on the top floor’ …  It’s bollox.  You fucking work hard is what you do, you get fucked a lot, you get great at what you do, or fail.  Then if you want to go further, you work for yourself and create your own identity.

Since I have been in this supposed tacky duvet, red lit, bad acting profession, I have realised how much we stake on our careers.  It is almost a lifelong commitment, and you can forget it, if you ever want to change career path.  If you wanted to become a doctor or nurse forget it, you will be hung by the peoples jury and classed as a non specific dishonourable member of society and the gutter press will have your guts for garters (excuse the pun). You might never be taken seriously again, that is a life commitment, don’t you think?  Still I would not change what I do for the world.

There are two wonderful aspects I love about my career; the first is to leave it in the reality zone.  No fake sex or groans but fucking real people on film with real orgasms, mind you I always have those … 

I was on set once and I was making a film called Little Fitian, Yes a piss take of the famed comedy series.  It was hilarious.  The guy in the wheelchair, Andy, blurted ‘I want to fuck her’.   Lou, his carer, blurting back ‘but you said you didn’t like fucking porn stars’ …  In the middle of my scene,  two of Playboys top boys walked in on my scene to view my performance,   THE BUGGERS.  I was on top of Mark Sloan riding him like a bitch.  I felt the biggest gush building up in my juicy groin.  Within seconds I lifted my well moistened pussy off of marks cock and gushed six foot across the other side of the room spraying the two producers with my liquid gold over their faces, the cameraman jumped back shouting ‘what the fuck’, I looked over and there was my juice dripping off of their faces, I have never laughed so much. 

So back to the point I use my website for the real stuff, I have a section called Casting Couch, now this is all real.  I hunt down ordinary guys that I fancy and invite them to fuck me on film.  It also gives those ordinary guys a chance to approach me for the same.  It’s filmed on the day we meet, they turn up I am ready for them.  I fuck them and they fuck me  and it is the most fucking amazingly horny experience, an affair on film.

The guys I have had so far are amazing and I always can’t wait for the next one … you never know, one day it could be you!

The second aspect of what I love the most,  in this my chosen career is the fantasies, I am a very creative passionate individual with a overactive imagination, it’s the dark side of mine and other peoples fantasies I love to explore and make movies about. 

One example is this … I receive many fan mails a day I answer them all personally, but once I received one that just got the better of me, I took it further.

I named him Holly.  Holly wanted to be a she for the day and wanted to be abused by his Mistress.  He was a 20 stone bloke, who wanted to look feminine.  I had my work cut out for me.  I dressed holly, up in a fairy dress and taught him how to walk, talk and sit down like a lady, well you can imagine, it just was not good enough.  So I shut him in a cage for 8 hours and went out clubbing.  I got home later and made ‘it’ serve all my friends with drinks and sent him home that morning, well it made his day. 

I am making movies about these fantasies that delve into many of our minds, to portray these on film is exciting and demanding but I believe in them.  I believe in the excitement of viewing a fantasy that you love on film.  An extraordinary journey to delight and fulfil your wicked side.  I spend time on my blog talking about this, my debauched lifestyle this is just a little piece of Daisy Rock … if you want to see more go to and

Lust Daisy Rock x x x


Inner Spirit

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Someone brought this to my attention recently. An article in Tabu magazine in Germany which goes back a bit to when I used to put on the fetish club night Inner Spirit in Brighton. These hot girls got my knickers down for the photographer, I should have known that I’d end up doing that sort of thing all the time, hehe.

New Front Cover

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Sex Descrimination
Paradise Films’ Paraphilia label have released a new movie with me on the cover. Sex Descrimination features a dark and twisted tale of dominance, submission and hard sex.
You can find my Paraphilia DVD’s here by searching for Daisy Rock

Insight Magazine

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Brighton’s Insight magazine has this month run an issue called The Love Issue and interviewed me ‘The Porn Auteur’ as part of their feature. It’s out, free and available this month from various locations around the city.

Back To Brighton

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After a year in the countryside I have moved back to the City. I missed the people, the liveliness and the sexual opportunities that this City of Sin seems to produce. Apologies for the lack of updates during my move, I was without an Internet connection for 3 weeks. But I have been making some hot movies during this time and have got some great updates coming to my members section over the coming weeks, including getting a pounding in the stocks from Strap-on-Jane. I’ve also got some new Casting Couch movies coming soon from all you horny guys that want to try their hand… and cock at a porn scene with me.