Arena Homme

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I’ve finally got hold of the images from my Arena Homme magazine shoot. It’s a fantastic magazine for an adult performer to be featured in so I’m very proud to be part of it. The images are not your normal porn poses but famous renowned photographer Juergen Teller has captured myself and all the models in a way that fans don’t normally get to see. There’s also a thought-provoking article from Paul Morley. Hope you enjoy.

Arena Homme
Daisy Rock

Arena Homme
Elle Brook and Kaz B

Arena Homme
Isabel Ice and Lolly Badcock

Arena Homme
Karlie Simon and Paige Ashley

Arena Homme
Sahara Knite and Amber Leigh

Arena Homme
Lala & Jewels

Arena Homme
Suzie Best and Avolon Kassani

Arena Homme
Ruby and Mai Bailey

Arena Homme
Carmel Moore and Juliet

Arena Homme
Rio Lee, Essay by Paul Morley

Arena Homme
Essay by Paul Morley

Arena Homme
Essay by Paul Morley

Award Winner

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Daisy Rock Wins Award at The UK Adult Film Awards

Last Thursday at The UK Adult Film and TV Awards I was very proud to win an award for the best girl/girl scene of the year for my horny session with the gorgeous Jamie Brooks in my Playboy series Bound, Gagged and Shagged. The series also won best Pay-Per-View series of the year. It was a great night despite being on my crutches and everyone was looking gorgeous.

Award Winner Daisy Rock

Award Winner Daisy Rock

Award Winner Daisy Rock

Award Winner Daisy Rock

Here’s the full list of winners:

Best Film – Bondage Thoughts (Kendo/Erotic Flesh Productions)
Best Director – Anna Span (Hug a Hoodie)
Best Female Actress – Carmel Moore (Hug a Hoodie)
Best Male Actor – Keiran Lee (Various)
Pay-per-view Channel of the Year – Playboy TV
Best Gay Film – Supersize (Freshwave)
Best Amateur Film – Knob the Builder (Freddy’s World)
Best Overseas Film – Breakin ‘Em In 9 (Vouyer Media)
Best Reality Porn Film – Hug a Hoodie (Anna Span)
Best Gonzo Production – Don’t Kiss Me (Nickelass Productions)
Best Softcore Production – Hug a Hoodie (Anna Span)
Best Fetish – Xperimental (Mad At It)
Lifetime Achievement Award – Cathy Barry
Best Actor in a Gay Film – Kyle Price (ASBO Twinks)
Best Supporting Male Actor – Keni Styles (Porn Date)
Best Male Newcomer – Vince Velvet (Hug A Hoodie)
Most Outrageous Female Performance – Lolly Badcock (Xperimental)
Best Female Performer Amateur Film – Tracy Lain (Knob the Builder)
Best Performer Girl/Girl Scene – Daisy Rock (Bound Gagged)
Best Female performer in an Anal Scene – Jaime Brooks (Cream Bunz)
BGAFD Female Performer of the Year – Isabel Ice
Best Female Performance in an Oral Scene – Cindy Behr (Kitty Licks)
Joe Adelman Award for Best New Starlet – Karlie Simon (Celebrity Shag)
Best Overseas Female Performer – Carmella Bing
Best Supporting Actress – Cyprus Islas (Pyjama Party)
Best Online Scene – Rio and David (Real Couples)
Free-To-view Presenter of the Year – Rio Lee ( Sex Station)
Pay-per-view Series of the Year – Bound Shagged and Gagged
Free-to-view Channel of the Year – Sex Station
Best Distributor – Relish
Best Script – Dr Screw 2 (Paul Carder/Craig Kennedy)
Best Original Soundtrack – Murder Mystery Weekend (Bluebird)
Best Packaging – Bondage Thoughts (Erotic Flesh Productions)
Best DVD Authoring – Virtual Sex with Michelle B (Mark Cremona)
Best Editing – Bondage Thoughts (XL/Erotic Flesh Productions)
Best Lighting – Bondage Thoughts (Kendo/Erotic Flesh Productions)

Award Nominations

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I have been nominated for six nominations at this years UK Adult Awards to be held next Thursday 29th November including the prestigious Best Actress prize. Here’s the awards I’m up for:

Best Female Actress – Bound Gagged and Shagged
Best Female performer in an Anal Scene – Dressed to Fuck 2
Best performer in a Girl/Girl Scene – Bound Gagged and Shagged
Most Outrageous Female Performance – Urban Perversions 9
Most Outrageous Scene – Bound Gagged and Shagged
Best Online Scene – Lucky Fan Gets Daisy Rock and Popwhore

I am very excited and proud to be considered for these awards. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

A full list of the nominees can be found here.

Orgazmik TV at Venus

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Orgazmik TV 

Play Movie
At the Venus erotic fair I was interviewed for German Adult TV channel Orgazmik TV by producer Michael Ryan. I am hoping to do some work with him in Europe this year. 


Accidents Will Happen

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I have not written a blog in ages and now has come the time when I am forced to take some rest so I have decided I should start hitting the computer keys.

Life has been so busy lately with filming and running my website my last escapade turned up to be a disaster.  I decided to sign at the Erotica show on the Sunday and after half an hour of greeting friends and fans, Carmel Moore came to say hello I picked her up grabbing her arse, fell and twisted my ankle in ridiculously high heeled shoes and ended up being carted out  of the show in a wheel chair.

To my delight I think not, looking like a showpiece from some weird fetish side show I was sat in Charring Cross A& E wearing fishnet stockings, the guilty high heeled shoes and my breasts heaving out of a bra fit for a six year old.

It was no joke even if I find the whole thing hilarious now, the nurse decided to park me next to another wheelchair loaded with an old woman shouting obscenities, and opposite was the viewing gallery for normal casualties to look upon me an the other loonies as a way to pass the time.

I was x rayed three times to make sure I did not have a break, why do those guys twist your foot so badly try to get it in position, for fuck sake, you are x raying my foot because it might be broken stop twisting the fucker.  Sorry about the swearing.

I was absolutely delighted to leave after three hours with my new hospital issue porn star sticks to swing on with a bad sprain to my ligaments.

So slow down Daisy is my motto this month through no choice of my own, and no high heels at least for a couple of months, gutted.

So my mind is ticking at speeds of over 100 miles an hour at what will come to me when my slutty habits can return.  Or can I invent some lying down?  Well I am not the only person in the world that is crippled even if is only temporary.  What about the folk who are always in this predicament, now this is what I wonder.

How to be sexy whilst being temporarily disabled.

Day 1

One gram of Paracetomal and 400 grams of Ibruprofen for breakfast, oh hang on a minute I can’t bloody move.  Help … I need to pee and I can’t even move.  My whole leg has decided to take a comedy holiday to Agony Street.  A sprain can never be this painful surely!  Oh no, I have to get my boyfriend to take me to the loo, how embarrassing.  Perhaps I should wear rubber knickers and suggest a fetish game. Role play that’s the one, he is my nurse who administers things to me.  Kinky, I like it.

Day 2

Mmmmm more drugs please and less pain and I need a bath, sink washing is not my thing.  How do I get in the bath?  More help from boyfriend is needed, oh gosh I am really not looking so sexy but I shall pout all the same when he looks at me.  I also arch my back and stick my tits out, great his eyes are there, plan sufficient.

Day 3

Foot has decided to swell to twice the size and go purple, so now I order from new nurse, a cute pair of knee high socks hiding the purple thing at the end of my leg.  Nurse is doing extremely well and is enjoying the time with me, I try and keep the kinky game plan going, by giving him treats every errand he runs for me, there is nothing wrong with my lips you know!

Shit …Don’t believe it …Nurse reminds me that Naughty America is coming to shoot me tomorrow and the day after, four scenes have  been arranged for a couple of months now, how am I going to do porn with a dodgy foot?  I start panicking and try and get as much rest as I can, no sexy stuff for the nurse today just ZZZZZzzzzz’s for me.


It all started so well


Oh dear

Erotica UK

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The Erotica show turned into a bit of a disaster, 30 minutes into signing for fans I managed to make my ankle go sideways while picking up and spinning round the lovely Carmel Moore, my ankle went pop and I ended up in A&E in my fishnet stockings and sent home with crutches, sorry if you came by the booth and I was not there, I want you all to give me a kiss better on my ankle to help aid it’s recovery lol…