Venus Berlin Trip

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The lights on Berlin City look brighter this year as I look out of the Aircraft window, I am already feeling the excitement knowing I shall misbehave in the usual Daisy Rock style.  There is a driver with my name on a card waiting for me and my trusty team as we arrive at Schoenfeld. There is a small gathering of Press shouting Daisy, flashing their camera bulbs as I rock up at the Arrivals hall.  It’s a bit nuts, but I am prepared this year and my look is sultry, I am wearing my finest nylons attached is my silk suspender belt underneath a tight black pencil skirt which hugs my round pert ass cheeks, a little chiffon blouse with my heaving breasts trying to come up for air and the sickest high heels I can delicately wobble along in. So if you want to take my picture go ahead I am ready.

The hotel was warm and inviting we are only a stones throw from the Messe Conference Hall which houses The Venus Erotic Show.  It’s late and I get straight to bed.The light peeks through my window and there is a knock at the door.  I pull on my silk dressing robe and notice how red and sexy my toenails are, as I walk to my door it knocks again in a more impatient fashion, I swing the door open and breakfast awaits me.  They leave what I can only describe as a morning banquet on my table enough food to feed four it all looks gorgeous, I stare down at my toes again and get that feeling as I always do looking at red, I start to feel horny and sit back down on my bed peel the silk robe back over my bare skin exposing my swollen and excited pussy.  My finger nails are red too and I watch them as they glide across my naked skin. I push my fingers inside myself and frap, brushing my clit with one hand and thrusting my fingers with the other.  The blood is rushing around my body and I feel the tingle of pre orgasm filling me, I lay back and sigh and feel a warm sensation flow through my body, my pussy starts to throb and I feel the warm juice from my orgasm slip through my fingers and down my ass and legs.  I lick my fingers as I recover and then look at the display of breakfast before me, wake my boyfriend up, and tuck in.


My team and I get to Venus and I walk through to see six large halls full of erotica, it’s like one huge orgasm over a gigantic conference hall. There is the imagery of sex every where and you can’t help but feel sexy in it.  I am greeted by Alex at Paradise Films who gives me my pass and takes me to the stand where I will be signing.  I couldn’t believe what I saw.  The biggest signing stand lay in front of my eyes for Paradise and Wicked films, it does not get any bigger than this. Before me was a beautiful set that looked like a French classe aristocratique circus tent. Sitting down signing for fans was the beautiful Jessica Drake and Carmen Hart surrounded by a heaving crowd of fans waiting patiently for a signed autographs from the famed erotic stars.

I said my hellos as I arrived and the team greeted me with the traditional kiss to each cheek and keen to get ready I picked up my picture cards and sat down with Jessica and Carmen ready to sign.  I sat with slight stiffness as I was dressed in my new Victorian looking corset with fine silk frilly knickers and bra which my breasts were heaving out of, my hair tousled over my shoulders.

Hello Daisy, the first comment I hear as I was greeted by a fan, I smiled at him and I could see the excitement in his eyes as he was looking at me in the flesh, he nervously placed a photograph in front of me, a picture of myself and him at the last Venus.  He spoke with his sexy German accent, I love your website and your pictures, I will be looking for you this year and studying your words, well thank you Nico, you make it all worth while.  As the day went on, my infectious smiles and happy personality brought many interesting admirers to my stand and I must admit the sensation was overwhelming, I have a fondness for all of these people who take time out to tell me how they appreciate my work, I will carry on with the drive and ambition that I have always had for my love of performing erotica.


In the afternoon as I sat I feel a tap on my shoulder I turn around to see the most beautiful woman standing before my eyes, the beautiful Hera.  Now let me explain to you about Hera.  Last year I went to Venus Berlin and I was a new face and body Tee he he, in the Porn and Erotic Industry, I looked around furiously to find a company which interested and inspired me with the erotica that they produced.  At last I found a stand named Fallen Angel who is owned by a fantastic woman named Kaschi, they had plasma screens with their movies playing I was captured straight away.  I stared at the screen for a long time and loved the quality of the movies the camera angles and the essence of their images.  I approached the stand and asked if the owner or director was available to speak with.  I was immediately introduced to Hera.  Hera is the director for the company.  Our eyes met and within five minutes we were talking like old friends.  We eventually arranged that I should come over to Germany for a screen test for them as Hera loved my look.  I flew to Dusseldorf a month after the show they filmed my first scene and since then I have been flying over twice a month.  They started to use me for Fallen Angels and as time went on they signed me to other labels the first Paraphillia and then Paradise Films. So now the rest is history.

Hera is responsible for all my success in Germany, herself a very famous and established author and actress as a Domina  I will always thank her for the opportunity to unleash my inner creativity for erotica.  She has taken my ambition as a true star and with my energy and potential alongside her fantastic direction we are making a very successful team.


Day number two, well just as exciting as the first but, today got very busy as this was the first opening day to the public, the first day of the show is dedicated to Trade only.  There seemed to be a constant stream of fans waiting for their autographs, my day was spent talking to a lot of people and it was very inspiring to see so many women this year at the show appreciating the Porn world, well let’s face it if you can’t beat the guys then, join them.  It’s funny you know, I was trying to explain to one of my girlfriends the other day, how a mans mind works, well my opinion of it.  She had told me she found some of her boyfriends porn (that she never knew he had), she said that she could not understand it, I fuck him all the time so why would he need it.  So I explained, I said, you see that hot blonde over the road standing at the bus stop?, what, where? she said, over there, well look your boyfriend and probably every other male on the planet would have noticed as I did five minutes ago, you have to understand how a man thinks.  He is naturally built in his mind to notice all females, it’s in his makeup.  Say for instance your best friend has come round for a cup of tea and a chat and your man is there, I can guarantee you that in his mind he has had her naked, spread her legs gone down on her, fucked her in the kitchen, upstairs and all over the house.  Possibly every woman that he is attracted to he has undressed within seconds.  Just as we look for strong men, good looking men when we are single or in my case anytime, I laugh, they subconsciously look and imagine women as sexual beings. It’s not to say that he actually will undress, or have that opportunity or even want to undress or fuck her when ever his desire is bursting at the seams, but men are consistently aroused with their desire and imaginations.  They experience many quite innocent knee jerk reactions which arouse them, maybe a past memory, an image, a smell, sometimes food, many different things, you looking all sexy, their hormones are going to go through the roof.  The majority of the time they do not source the material to make them feel aroused, they are aroused anyway, it’s a built in mechanism which makes men what they are.  Their testosterone levels are very high, they get aroused and can think about sexy things all day, with some male fantasies and some men they need to have an outlet. So either they look at images, or spend sexy time with you until they can unleash that fantasy into reality and masturbate or fuck until the desire is met. This is why your boyfriend would have porn.

Think about your desires.  Is it true that a womans desire is to feel good about herself? She might buy herself something nice to make herself feel happy, sexy or pretty, or meet a friend, or have a treatment.  Our natural desire is fell happy and loved.  Ours is also a desire that needs to be satisfied, the joy in all of this is when you can play a part in your mans desire, so it becomes a game you can play together.  If he offers to shop with you, maybe buys you something nice and you see that he enjoys it, that makes you feel good.  If he cooks for you and makes you feel special, that fulfils you, if he shows his love to you, you feel special.  Imagine then if you were to take part in his fantasies with porn or sexy images or even become a part of that imagery, especially if you invent yourself as a part of a fantasy with him as a surprise it’s unbelievable how erotic your sex life can become, and how much happier and loving your everyday relationship becomes.  To understand and become closer to your man from his and your desires adds up to one fantastic relationship.  So never worry about how a mans mind works just understand it.  So I think that the reason I enjoy seeing so many women with their men at these erotica shows is that they like to share in each others desires, in my opinion this is a healthy and natural relationship status for us all to enjoy.


Day three, another crazy day, and the last two nights I have been so tired that after signing at the show I have got back to the hotel room eaten, showered and slept. I think I was in bed no later than 11pm, this is not Daisy Rock’s usual routine, and I was miffed. Today however, I felt very fresh and to my surprise my beautiful friend and co Porn Star, Isabel Ice turns up.  The memories revisit my mind of the last time I was in Berlin with Isabel, things got a little nuts.  We spend a lot of time together at home always exciting and fun, but when we are away things always seem to get freaky.  Trash my boyfriend and I were expecting Isabel to come over as we had not seen her for a while, she has been so busy herself in London but phone calls back and forth encouraged her to make the trip.

She also thought it a good idea as she could meet her friends at the Evil Angel Team, and shoot with them while they are not State Side.  Later in the evening we meet up with her and go to dinner with a party consisting of Nova Films and Evil Angels John Stagliano, we eat lots of German sausage OOOOOOER, and have many laughs, Isabel had promised to shoot with John after dinner, so trying desperately not to drink the copious amounts of alcohol that was being forced down our necks was hard, our guests were very enthusiastic to say the least about getting those drinks down you.  Poor Isabel, it’s hard to drink get sozzled and look like a sex diva on film, you try it!

Eight the next morning and I wake up fresh as a daisy (excuse the pun), breakfast delivered to my door, got caught with my pants down this time, oh never mind, didn’t have any change for a tip, so seeing me naked should be suffice Ha ha.  I call Isabel and she sounds knackered, I did not finish the shoot, she said until six am this morning, grab me a strong coffee and I will be over, I have another shoot. We finally get to Venus and I spend my last day signing, today I have also been lined up to do some television interviews and a couple of stage shows for German Erotic TV Channel, so all very exciting.  I have my wax candle, sexy costume, and dildo to the ready, Mmmm what do I need that for I hear you say, Well what do you think?


Hera meets me in the afternoon, we have one hour darling before you are due to come on the stage, we have had people asking for you so best get ready, she says.  One hour later I am ready to hit the stage, nervous as hell, the last time I performed on a stage with a pole was along time ago, and there were tens of people looking and a huge TV camera ready on air to film me.  The Introduction was outstanding, NO PRESSURE then, I mean I might be a Porn Star but it’s still just little Daisy from Brighton UK.  So I hit the stage and just thought fuck it, lets just go for it girl, I can’t have lost my touch, I have been on the stage for years.  The music starts and I gracefully walk up the stairs to the huge stage, I pick up my nicely burning candle and place it near me.  I dance elegantly to the front of the stage and catch the eyes of the many people looking on and just try toget my mojo.  Hooray I can still feel it, it was like yesterday so I know everything is going to be OK, I pull a great dance and form some erotic shapes with my body for the cameras, swing round the pole and work my way onto the floor and peel my clothes off seductively until I am naked just with a pair of tremendously high heeled shoes, they are just the thing as they make my bum and tits stick out perfectly.  I lower myself to the floor and grab my candle, I slowly open my legs exposing my neatly shaven pussy hold the candle above me and pour the hot wax over my mound, I can feel the heat and it turns me on, now I am in my zone.  I move the candle up to my mouth and pour the wax into my mouth and all over my breasts and watch the wax drip down my body burning me ever so slightly.  I make my way to dancing again then down to the floor again where I take my dildo and push it inside myself for all to see.  This is the only show in the world where you can have full nudity and sexual imagery with penetration, all other shows this is strictly forbidden, so you see I make the most of this, I am a real life sex star so true to my word I will go all the way, it’s what fans enjoy, a show like no other to get the blood to boiling point, Venus Berlin is an adults Disney land. I perform another two shows that day and the feedback was fabulous, so I and they are happy.


So the day falls onto evening and the tiredness is kicking in all I want right now is my bed, I am taken home by my driver out through the hustle and bustle of the still heaving crowds back to my hotel for a rest.  Isabel would have finished her shoot by now so I call her and she tells me that John Stagliano’s Fashionistas Party is on tonight.  This is Berlins big fetish gig with lots of industry and sexy Porn Stars attending, so I definitely want to go, but my fatigue has got the better of me and I can think of nothing better to do than fall asleep.  After the three days of horny images I settle down to have something to eat, watch a porn of course dessert was an orgasm, its not only the guys that have to release themselves you know, I have had three days without, a bloody record by all accounts.  Didn’t mean to but fell asleep.  12am the phone rings “Daisy it’s Isabel are you ready to come to the party?” Oh fuck it, I thought, I have to have one night of debauchery, so I shall make an effort, it has to be done.  “yup ok baby give me an hour or so and I will meet you there”… I am secretly hoping to bump into Omar, my favourite porn stud to work with.


Trash and I took the taxi to Insomnia the fantastic fetish club we attended last year, if you ever get a chance to go, go, I highly recommend it, full of beautiful and sexy people with lots of open sex, GREAT. I find Isabel and along with my entourage get and the drinks in.  My first sight was to see the fucking horny Porn Star Nacho Vidal, he has been a major player for years and my god he is sexy, I just saw him out of the corner of my eye fucking this gorgeous girl who happened to be Sasha Grey on the dance floor with another of my friends groping both of them while they banged each other.  Isabel and I have drinks together and I meet a couple of industry people there, I bump into Gazzman at the bar and he has brought along this incredibly hot blonde Brazilian guy Don, whose eyes were all over me.  I wore my hair long and it tousled down over a bright yellow jumper, I had some wide fishnet tights on and the smallest black knickers and the highest silver sparkly stilettos on, my body looked pert and fit with all my curves in the right places. I watched as the Brazilian’s eyes followed me around the room.  I could not contain myself anymore, I approached him and asked if he wanted to drink with me, we knocked back a couple of tequila’s and as soon as my empty glass hit the bar, I looked into his eyes and took my lips to his.  I licked his lips and kissed him, he was a soft kisser, just what I like with a little bit of passion every now and then.  So I teased him a little and then walked away to keep him wanting more.  I walked into a room where they were filming some fetish needle play, a beautiful submissive was laid on her back and a dominatrix kneeling above her placing needles in her breasts and pussy, I was excited and horny.  Not for all of you I can imagine so I will leave that there, but until you experience handing over your body to a domme you can and will never understand how usual pain becomes the most pleasurable sexual status ever to behold your body, a true migration from pain to pleasure. She was masturbated to orgasm and the whole room was filled with a powerful sexual atmosphere.


I looked back as I could feel someone breathing on my neck and as I turn around I see the gorgeous Brazilian blonde, “I have to go” he said, “would you come and say goodbye?” Yes of course I was going to say goodbye, so I followed his lead and we walked into a shower room,  he told me I was hot and sexy and he had been looking at my face and body he said “I cannot take my eyes off of you”, I pulled him towards me and kissed his full lips, I knew I wanted to take him.  I pushed him over to where the showers were and I could just see in my peripheral vision a mans body taking a shower, as I knelt down on the floor I could feel that mans shower splashing over my body. Kneeling down in front of my subject I hastily pulled down his zip to unleash and already huge stiff cock.  I pulled off my yellow sweater and hung it around his neck, (God I am wet in my pants right now just thinking about it).  His smell was of fresh man, I just let his cock be and with out touching it with my hands which I placed around the back of me and held onto the heels of my shoes in a submissive position I licked and tickled the end of his prick with my tongue.  I moistened my lips with my tongue so I could slide him inside my mouth, I took his helmet inside and sucked hard then soft feeling him throb as I did.  I gathered some more spit and gently took all of his cock in my mouth, staring right in his eyes as I did it.  He fucking groaned so loudly the whole place could have heard him and as I looked around there was an audience of twenty people or more, I wondered where my boyfriend was, and wished he could have seen me, but I know he will just get off when I tell him where I was and what I was doing.  I sucked and fucked his cock with my mouth, deep throating him every time I got to his base the spit was building up in my mouth and I spat it back on his cock for more lubrication and I thrust my head hard fast then gently on him whilst feeling the throbbing in the back of my throat.  I reached down to my pussy as I could feel myself getting soaked with pussy juice, my fingers just slide inside myself, I stood up and showed him my fingers pulling out and pushed them inside his mouth so he could taste me.  He groaned again and in his hand a condom at the ready, god I wanted him to fuck me so badly, I was like a wild animal, I would have raped him there and then if he had turned me down, I had the strength of a lion at this point.  I took the condom ripped open the wrapper took the end of it in my mouth and sucked it over his perfectly formed cock.  I whipped myself around pulling my knickers down over my perfectly shaped rounded ass, leant my head against the wall of the shower pulled my arms back and opened my pussy so he could shove his cock inside me, fuck me he was huge he forced his cock inside so deep inside me I screamed, he banged me against the wall, my head bashing on the shower tiles and I was pushing back to get the most out of this spontaneous fuck, he grabbed my thighs to get a better hold on me and we fucked and fucked and fucked.  I looked up and there were so many on looking men and women, the men wanking furiously, thank god they were at a good distance so as not to interfere with our sexual comfort zone, I did want to get covered in spunk, but only by the guy I was fucking.  Still bent over and still going at it like to crazed animals he pulls out of me leans back on the wall pushes me to the floor and continues to keep his flow by wanking over my face, my hair in his clenched fist I look him in the eye whilst fucking my own pussy with my fingers, I am so fucking horny I can feel my pussy is about to explode but I want to wait for him to spunk over my face before I orgasm as it drives me crazy and my orgasm is stronger when I know a guy is coming over me.  I watch as his hand is furiously jerking his cock and I am listening to his groans and I know he is coming to his orgasm he hold my hair tighter his groans change tone and I am licking his balls they are so tight I know he is about to come and yes hot dripping spunk launches out the end of his thoroughly wanked prick all over my face, then another squirt all in my mouth, I am wanking myself so hard that I am coming in my own hand, then another squit all over my tits, then again in my mouth, and again, the taste so sweet and hot, I push my mouth over his spunk covered cock and suck all the spunk he has left out of him, I am kneeling in my own gush my knickers are soaking wet and I have spunk all over me.  I look up and there are the other wankers beside me with their orgasms all over the shower room floor.  I stand up and kiss the gorgeous Brazilian we smile at each other and I walk away.  In go the cleaners to sort out the mess, fuck me what a job.  As I walk towards the mirror pull my jumper back over my head I see my boyfriend walking towards me, “hey baby, where have you been?” “in the shower” I said fucking that gorgeous blonde. Don the blonde walks over, he said, “your girlfriend, you were right, she is a great fuck”. Trash always finds it fucking horny when he knows I am being debauched, and I he, it’s our game you see, it’s our perversion. Trash says, “Come upstairs with me.”


So we go upstairs where there are soft leather sofas everywhere, with people touching, kissing, loving and fucking.  I pull off my sweater again and expose my breasts, he viciously pulls down my pants pushes onto the red sofa and thrusts his hand inside me, he wants to make me gush, grabbing my tits thrusting his hand I look up and he has given two other guys a nod, so I can see two cocks over my head, I am crazy now, this is all too much it’s like taking a drug taking me to another realm, this is heaven.  I push down on my lower belly so the thrusting from Trash’s hand hits my g spot and I can feel the most incredible orgasm building up, the wanking over my face, I get the occasional dick on my face and on the tip of my tongue but I am so full of gush I just want to explode, I look up and I know I am going to squirt all over the fucking place, I scream and Trash pulls his hand out of me to unleash an orgasm that squirts six foot over the other side of the room, again and again and again, the guys shout, what the fuck, that is amazing, I have never seen that before in real life, neither have I.  Trash and I laugh, have a cigarette and go.


We are waiting for our taxi, there is a couch by the exit of the club and there is this hot looking guy sat next to me with body armour on with screw holes on the Knees, what are they for?, I ask.  He pulls out a giant dildo and screws it on the end of his knee, I am thinking fuck it, MMMM yes I think I will, I grab a condom from my bag place it over the dildo, pull down my pants and sit on this giant dildo, fuck it was amazing, there I was on the end of this guys knee fucking a dildo, so wrong. Hahahaha, but great, again I bring myself to orgasm, this guy did not say a word and I am just sat there fucking his leg, I come to an orgasm then climb off, anyway my taxi had just arrived. Goodbye, he said, goodbye, I said.  Well there is not a lot more that could happen is there really.


I am in a cab with my Trash, on our way back to the hotel, can I get wronger oh but no, not me and but I am horny there is no stopping me, I am sat in the middle of the back seat and I know the cabby can see me, he is good looking so I thought I would have some fun, I dangle my shoes over the seat he is not driving in he looks back to see me sitting naked in the back of the car, playing with myself, we only had a short journey so I had to make it quick, I start to fuck myself with my fingers again until orgasm, we arrive outside my hotel, that was a good fare he said, I pushed my fingers in his mouth so he could taste me.  I laughed so much, there is no stopping a true slut when she gets going, and a true slut is what I love to be, if only we could all be as free as this when ever we wanted with no shame, what a world it would be.  I will always live out my fantasies.


I wake up the next morning to Isabel knocking on my door, all packed and ready to go, we get to the airport nice and early do some shopping at the duty free, sit and wait for our plane.  Just when you think it is all over a couple of people approached me and asked for my photo, I have no makeup on, not looking too glamorous but what the fuck, if they did not mind, I didn’t care, it made them happy and appreciate that following.  Isabel, Trash and I went for a freshly squeezed organic juice and a sandwich which we took the bread away from, and enjoyed talking about the night before.  We all had our own stories to tell and it’s great to remember and laugh.  Still on a high we board the plane talk and laugh more until we get to Gatwick.  We say our goodbyes and head off in different directions.  My head is still buzzing and I just received a myspace from Isabel saying she had a great time.

You know what. I think we all did.

To all my dedicated fans, I hope this answers some of your questions about Berlin. 

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  1. Trash Says:

    Was a pleasure to be with you on this trip baby. What a wild time.

  2. Miss Behaviour Says:

    I soooooooo wish that I could have cum ;*
    Next year.

  3. Lotharios Says:

    Fuck it, im moving to Berlin. Loved the candle part of the story. Rock on x

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