What a Sexy Day

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So last time I was in Amsterdam I met this couple I shall  name them Mr and Mrs J, we bumped into each other near the red light district in a bar and I noticed them as soon as I walked in.  Mrs J was standing very eloquently with her beautiful brown hair cascading down her back and he a very handsome man.   She smiled at me as I approached the bar, we talked and then later they took me to their hotel room, they were on a weekend break, this is not the story I am going to tell you so I shall let you use your imagination as to the rest but suffice as to say our first meeting was …well amazing. 
I received this e mail last week:
Hi Daisy,
It’s Mr and Mrs J, How are you?  We were both remembering the fun we had in Amsterdam you were a delight.  We are coming to London for a visit and wondered if you would like to meet up for a drink and some naughty fun, it would be lovely to see you again.
Love Mr and Mrs J
I replied yes of course and sent them a very naughty mail back, and then I received another.
Hi Daisy,
You are so naughty, maybe we could play dressing up, I have a sexy maids outfit maybe you have one too, that would be fun.  We could have a naughty shower first get dressed up and be bad girls.  I bought a lovely whip and some bondage tape, I would love for you and Mr J to tie me up and tease me, maybe we could tie him up and play in front of him, and he would love that.  We could do lots of ball licking and cock sucking and I would love you to play with my vibrator up my pussy, I also have some small anal beads I would love to try.  It will be great to be naughty cum swapping girls again, I know we both like that.  It’s all to exciting … slapping, spitting, sucking, licking, fucking, how fabulous.
See you soon Love Mr and Mrs J
I had been very busy that week and after the excitement of my first meeting with them I decided that it was time for a little bit of fun.  I rocked up to Victoria station and made my way across London in a cab to a very prestigious hotel over looking the river.  My bag was packed with a sexy maids dress another outfit of stockings corset frilly knickers and killer high heels, lube, vibrators, condoms, a whip, ball gag and of course, I carried all of this with a mischievous smile. 
I arrive at the hotel to see them both at the bar with a glass of champagne waiting on the table for me, it did not take us long before we were running to the elevator up to the room.  On the way the porter had insisted on taking my bag up to the room, he must have known exactly what we were up to if all the giggling had not given it away.
Mrs J and I barged our way into the bathroom spilling our cases and all it’s contents over the floor and started to get dressed in our maids costumes, it was so hot and horny in there every time we put on one item of clothing it followed some kissing and touching, I was getting so wet.  When we were ready we flew out of the door and Mr J’s eyes were out on stalks.  “Up on the chair Maid J, you have to clean  the dust in the corner of the ceiling up there” I commanded, as she mounted the chair I cheekily looked at Mr J lifting up the hemline of her short little skirt revealing her tight bottom protruding out of her knickers, “now I don’t believe you did that very well, do you Mr J?”, “I think this naughty maid could do with a spanking”.  Mr J came over lifted her short skirt and began to smack her bottom, the lovely shade of pink was adorning her beautiful rounded arse cheek, I was touching her pussy and I could feel the wetness filling her knickers.  Mr J and I pulled her onto the bed and I held her arms down.  He ripped off her knickers and I ripped off her dress we were pinning her to the bed, I held her tight as he opened her legs and ordered me to touch her pussy, I pushed my fingers inside of her and then pushed my fingers inside his mouth.  I love being their slut and enjoy being a part of their sexual game.  He pulled aside his complementary robe and exposed his long hard dick, he pushed her thighs apart and thrust his cock inside of her, I kissed and sucked her neck and nipples whilst still keeping her pinned down on the bed.  The sex escalated more and more, he, she I, sucked and fucked and fingered licked and pushed all the buttons that we pushed before and more, our bodies twisted and laid upon each others, and the moisture from the heat started to steam up the windows.  Mrs J and I and screamed towards our orgasms leaving our bodies trembling we pushed our heads under Mr J and ordered him to spunk all over our faces.  We sucked his balls and licked the end of his cock whilst he wanked furiously over us and with one large groan he spunked the warm and juicy liquid in our mouths and our faces, she kissed me I  kissed her and we swapped his cum back and forth tasting all his glory.
We all spent the rest of the evening smoking, drinking and pushing more boundaries with episodes of hot sex.  It was then my time to go,  I had to catch the last train home. Check out this pic Mr J took of me and her together.
Daisy Rock and Mrs J
I managed to jump onto the train and make my way back home, grabbed myself some rotten junk food just before, don’t usually eat the stuff, I think the guy behind the counter knew that when I asked for a quarter pounder at Burger King and told it was a whopper, well the only whoppers I know are the … OOOO NEVER MIND.
So there I sat on the aisle seat and the train was full of the suits coming home from London, and a conversation sparked up with me and the man sitting next to me, Mr R.  “I have a secret you know”, he said “it’s my birthday today”, “Happy Birthday”, I said jumped up and to his amazement planted a big kiss on his cheek.  We spent the rest of our train journey laughing and talking about life with on lookers staring at us, I also let him into my little Porn Star secret … giggle … so that was a topic for a while.  He was very sexy and had a smartly dressed suit with a pink tie, he had told me that it did not go down to well at the meeting with his company earlier, I just reassured him many businesses don’t like the individuality of a brightly coloured clothing article, I think it must be a Brighton thing.  We laughed, I said goodbye and there was my ride to meet me and my little dog sat there on his lead on the station platform.
I got ready for bed and thought I would take a last look at my e mail box, and to my surprise I got this,
Dear Daisy,
I was tonight on the train coming home from my work in London, when to my surprise you got on the train and sat right opposite me, I was the man in the blue suit and the glasses. I must say you looked absolutely stunning.  I sat there and watched as you chatted up the city gent sitting next to you, Oh how I wished it was me, I spent the whole journey trying to listen to what you were saying but noticed you moving close to his ear to whisper a certain few things, I can only imagine what you were saying, and because of that I had to sit with my laptop covering up my hard on as you my fantasy was sitting before me. 
Love Mr A
What a day of events, I can only hope that they cum more frequently … x x x 

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