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I am a beauty of debauchery and my last blog was written some time ago due to the intensity of my fast paced way of living and breathing …very heavily.  I have left myself with just some superficial scars of my own doing and all is quiet and calm now, so time to sit and inscribe.  I shall visit my imagination backwards as my memory is superior by this means … 

I woke yesterday morning with the breath of two fantastic Men in my boudoir we had spent the whole lusty night robust with kisses, sweat, spunk and pussy juice.  I had visited a house of misdemeanour Saturday night where I was all twitchy and restless in anticipation of beautiful boys and girls who want to loose their week of insanity from the every day droll of work life boredom.  We sit tranquil and sipping from the bottle of Satan’s spirits we envelope our minds and lose our midweek tensions.  The liquid flows, our bodies feel the warmth and calm of an evening that will become.  I feel a kiss on my neck and a welcome from two delicious Brighton boys that are know well to me, I call for another drink and feel my head just tipping to the side, I grab a hand and walk with it in mine up the stairs to the playroom, a display of luxury cushions await. 

I sit and talk with the boy his hand gently touches my neck I move forward and kiss him, I can taste his flesh underneath my lips, he then tastes mine.  We are close, tasting and touching each other, I move closer to him and straddle his lap, I push him down on the cushioned floor and slide my hand underneath his shirt, his breathing gets heavier and I can hear just his moans of approval.  Pulling up his shirt I taste his whole torso with lips and tongue moving over every inch of his skin, pulling up his shirt over his head and I can feel the tingle between my legs that I had been aching for since I returned from Berlin, my pussy feels delicately moist from my over active imagination, I know what I shall do with him and it excites me. 

I handle his body the way I know he likes it, he is turned on by touch and keeps his eyes closed at the beginning of every encounter with me, he spends so much time looking at me when I am across the other side of the room this always surprises me.  I undo his belt and push my fingers inside the top of his jeans and unravel his glory, stiff and pulsing I softly touch the end of him with my tongue his prick bounces with the delight of trying to get nearer to my mouth and I pull away.  He moans again and has become oblivious to the crowd which is spilling around us to watch me take him, our friends always say it is a delight to watch me when I am with the boys.

I forward on into my own goldfish bowl not even aware after a while that there is anyone watching.  His jeans are off and I take his erection into my mouth teasing the end which delights me so.  I push my mouth down and take all of his cock into my mouth when all of him is inside me I push that bit further until he is down the back of my throat and swallow, he loves being deep throated and I love to feel a cock so far down like I will suffocate if I don’t come up again. I start to fuck him with my mouth and his groans get louder and louder I get feisty with him I pull off and talk into his ear “I am going to fuck your cock with my mouth and push my fingers into my pussy and make you taste my cunt, my mouth is violently pushing up and down on him and I am ripping off my jeans as I do it, I place my very high red shoes back on my feet as I know when he opens his eyes he will see my perfect legs in the shoes that he loves. 

I pull off my t shirt and I can hear the groans of other people in the room. My breasts are bear I rub them over his balls and spit over his cock so I can get him deeper into me, I can feel him about to orgasm so I slow down.  He opens his eyes and he sees me moving above him, I stand up and straddle his body he looks up to see my shapely legs in the shoes he loves, he watches as I squat down over his throbbing cock, I take it with my hand and sit on him pushing him down my wet pussy, god it feels so good, I pull all the way out again his eyes are now fixed on my body. 

I push down on him again lie back on my hands put my legs each side of his head so he can see his cock being thrust upon by my mound, I thrust harder and he moans more and more, I look around and there are bodies every where the boys vigorously wanking their cocks and the girls with their hands down their knickers.  The sexy onlookers make me wetter than before, “you are mine I am going to ride you fucking hard boy … well I am going to let you use your imagination for the rest of this blog … I feel the need to visit my den of desire to play …. I will finish this another day …

Myspace Death

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Today is a sad day for me … My, My Space Page died … I think it might have to do with me uploading a pic of me sucking a cock and getting fucked up the arse by accident, I mean I wasn’t fucked up the arse by accident, I clearly knew i was being fucked up the arse (now I feel like I have been fucked up the arse by my space) but the pics were put up by accident.  They were in a file that was grafic but not labeled properly … silly me giggle, soo sorry Tom.  However I did take them down within seconds, so I hope I shan’t be punished by the powers that be, however, I think I am going to go to bed and cry.  I have made and visited alot of my MY Space friends over the year, I will be sad to loose them … I feel like I have Died.

Daisy x x x

UK Adult Awards

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I recently found this amusing and excellent write up about last years UK Adult Awards. Ahhhhh I can taste the debauchery in the air like it was yesterday *giggle*

A Night at the First Annual UK Adult Film Awards: The After AFTER Party – 2006/12/1 When they stopped slinging booze at the Hammersmith Palais, we knew it was time to take the party to one of the two host hotels there in the Olympia area of town. By now it’d become very cold on the streets of London, but as anyone who’s ever drank too … —article removed—-

Bound Gagged & Shagged

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Exclusive Playboy Series Starring Daisy Rock

Spice Extreme Sky Channel 902 and Virgin Channel 478
Starts Tonight 10.10pm

My new Playboy series Bound, Gagged and Shagged starts tonight on the Spice Extreme channel. Directed and filmed by Jay Elle photographed by Alexandra Jasper… featuring Carmel Moore, Jamie Brooks, Renee Richards, Angel Long and including the boys Keni Styles, Keiran Lee and Robin.

I loved making this series, the previews look great, let me know what you think and thanks to Playboy, Spice Extreme and the director Jay Elle for making it happen.

Love and kisses,

Daisy Rock Bound Gagged and Shagged
Daisy Rock and Keiran Lee Bound Gagged and Shagged
Daisy Rock and Jamie Brooks Bound Gagged and Shagged
Daisy Rock and Keni Styles Bound Gagged and Shagged
Daisy Rock and Renee Richards Bound Gagged and Shagged

Bound Gagged and Shagged Video Promo
Click here To Download The Video Promo

Spice Extreme Website

Fux Magazine

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It’s been a great month for appearances in magazines. You can check out some more of my hot confessions in this month’s FUX magazine.

New Box Cover

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This month sees a new Paraphilia DVD with my good self on the box cover, well my rear end anyway lol
What Bitches Are For
You can buy “What Bitches Are For” by searching for it here

Bizarre Magazine

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     Bizarre Magazine
I’m so excited I made the September edition of Bizarre Magazine. I did a hot, horny and revealing interview for reporter Chris Nieratko.