More Box Covers

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4 more movies have been released this month and I’m on the cover of 3 of them. Must be doing a good job (*pats herseld on the head*)

    Nylon Mistress – 2007
Nylon Mistress

    Hera’s Horror Picture Show – 2007
Hera's Horror Picture Show

    Neglected Libido – 2007
Neglected Libido

The Pussybabes

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I am a very muscial person and have been in a few bands in my time. Recently myself, Elle Brook, and Carley Simon got together to perform a track for my new band The Pussy Babes. The first single is called Teenile Dementia. This is one video you’re not going to see on MTV :) Hope you like…

Click here To Download The Video Promo

Skin 2 Magazine

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I’m in this season’s Skin Two Magazine, the pic was taken at the Rubber Ball where me and my deviant friends went to party the night away. All the girls had remote control vibrators inserted before we went out and the guys had charge of the remote controls lol… Looks like in this picture someone’s just set one off. What a fun night *giggle*
Skin Two Magazine Spring 2007

Smash n Grab

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So there it is my front door once again …. I have not seen it for a week, it still looks the same except an exclusive designer has obviously popped by and graced my wall with his graffiti tag, silver paint with the image of a mans head whilst sticking the finger up, pure art.

I discard my bags in the hallway …. This has to be the first occasion where I am not met by three other cases waiting to be emptied from the trips before.  I have been a good girl and cleared those ones away.  My exhausting and eventful week catches up with me the precise moment I feel warmth of my home draping itself against my skin.

My bouncy dog greets me with his enthusiastic wagging tail and the funny foot stamping so exclusive to a Beddlington Terriers.  Trash my partner in crime and Jesper whose pseudonym is Swedish, he hails from Sweden of course,  is my  visiting friend, who is delightfully happy to be totally corrupted by yours truly Sexy Porn Star…ahem…What he has been subjected to already, well it is remarkable that he is still here.  Maybe he is as deviant as I am!!

Well they hug me to say hello and I take a in a deep breath and reflect and my whole world stops for just one second.  The boys and I sit and chatter over a glass of wine, as they ask about my week in ..:Denmark.

My dressing room beckons I change into my frilly knickers and high hells and notice and enjoy the boggling eyes from the boys as I walk down the stairs and potter around the office….can’t live with a porn star rock and roll style unless she actually does resemble one.  I have never been one for slippers anyway.  I take that day to rest my weary soul and put aside everything that I have to think about after my day off today.

My bed is my ideal sanctuary for nibbling a box of chocolates with a good home movie, plumped up on a mountain of soft feather pillows, I sometimes must resemble the queen of bloody Sheba in my solo harem, whilst men run up and down the stairs bringing me tea and other delights, I am so spoiled.

I settle for the day with boxes of beauty products to paint, paste exfoliate and smooth over my weary body, in order to sustain my position in the house as the beautiful one, well it is hard work you know.  I am sitting with a face pack with cotton wool between my toes and red nail varnish, watching Asian extreme movies that scare the shit out of me; I start to feel a little tingle in the deviant part of my brain.  Something I saw in the movie spurred me to think sexual thoughts, it’s true dammit images do brainwash you to think things angels normally wouldn’t, damn those movies.

So now I am scrubbed and polished my long dark hair trailing down my back looking fresh and might I say it feeling rather sexy, a far cry from the tattered Oliver Twist character that I portrayed earlier walking into my seaside home looking for somewhere to dwell.

Down my stairs I rush after a moment of excited ness shouting “hey boys”, their reaction “oh my god”, I forgot I was completely naked looking scrumptious and they had been starved all week of any live girls, only the web ones that they secretly knock one off to under the desk.  Now the real thing is here, its fun time.

“Let’s go out and be naughty”. “OK” they said.  I pull my exceedingly tight jeans over my protruding firm butt, still sore from being slapped in the week and squatting to keep it where it’s supposed to be.  No knickers of course I love the way the denim tickles my porn pussy when I walk.  I slip a casual t shirt on over my naked breasts wipe a vibrant red over my lips, spray of perfume and off we go.

It’s Tuesday in Brighton … and there is this cute underground club on the seafront that usually satisfies my need for a week night.  Usually a heaving dance floor, I squeeze myself between the bodies and my house mates following, a few knowing glances and hellos and air kisses, god I hate those, kiss my cheek properly or fuck off.  


The bar beckons me and being a creature of habit, most of them bad, I order my usual JD and coke and of course a tequila taster.  Plummeting through to the action amid the students buying their two vodkas for 50p, I just forget myself for a while and dance away to The Killers and their like minded musicians.  Yeahhhh tequila is cool; I think I will have another… well there at the bar, always a great place to see horny men.  My eyes look over to two very fit brothers, they told me that…. you know the sort, sorry this bit girls or gay men only …. Muscles… in all the right places and jean cleavage to die for.  One of them offers me a drink and we flirt and secretly get horny, as you do, and a few more tequila’s later, I look down to the dance floor.  There is my friend conversing with this beautiful Spanish senorita.  I walk down to say hello and the next thing I know her hands are down my pants, I am being sexually molested. 

 Fantastic, why do these things always happen to me, no seriously they always do, I mean I do not wear a sign or a badge on me saying, I am horny come and get it, well actually maybe I do, Giggle.  She drags me to the toilet for more fumbling we replace some lipstick after loosing some in the tiny cubicle, and then spend 10 minutes more kissing it away again, hand all over each others breasts, MMMMMMMmmmmmmmmm, hands over our asses, my god her ass was round and plump and all there, lovely, If you know me you know I love big roundy bottoms.  I decide I can’t handle this anymore so I say to the guys that I want to go home, so we leave the club and Miss Spanish drags me out still snogging me along the street.  The doorman are so funny, they have known me for years and I always get that knowing look and a cheeky smile saying “goodnight Daisy” …

Trash and Sweden are laughing at us but I know that they are wetting their pants; even they can see a girl on girl about to happen.  We get back have a very quick drink I escort Miss Spanish up the stairs and into my bedroom.  With amazing velocity she strips her down to her underwear and I to mine and within two minutes the boys are sat down with front row seats to the real life porn chic flick.

We lick and kiss touch, it was all so very sensual, she smelt lovely and her skin was so soft and she whispered to me how beautiful I was, and she was absolutely gorgeous.  She spread her legs and pulled her knickers to one side and I pushed my fingers inside her soft and very wet pussy, “No”, she said opening her legs wider, I love a submissive slut.  She tasted so good and licking her was incredible.  Still whispering in my ear, she informed me that she was not used to being this way and it was clearly true, she was so shy, and within a second breath she said that she wanted to be completely corrupted and could one of the boys join us… well a man does not need any more encouragement really does he, up Trash leaped up onto the bed, quicker than the starting block at the Grand National, with Sweden happily looking on.

We all suck, fuck and lick each other and Miss Spanish screaming “I am so innocent what are you doing to me?”, It was so funny….having the time of her life, as the hot and sexually fuelled night went on she gushed, I gushed, Trash spunks all over us and the action slides into a slumber.  We lay feeling exhausted and fulfilled and suddenly this beautiful girl says, “My fantasy, is to be fucked by a girl with a strap on”.  WHAT, I am just about to fall asleep and out she comes with a line like that, there is no possibility whatsoever that I could not follow that through, could I, come on, really.  So I dart into my naughty drawer don my strap on and fuck her senseless for and hour whilst I am getting fucked from behind, wow that was cool, certainly not done that before.  The temperature was enthralling the sweat soaking our bodies, come and gush all over my clean sheets again, ho hum… and then the serenity of our orgasms overwhelm our tired and writhing bodies, we fall down and holding each other we fall asleep ….    MMMmmmmmmmmm.