Whilst I Slept

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It was a beautiful evening when I got into bed, I was sleeping lightly and felt the bed dip and I knew he had come to rest by my side, I suddenly felt his teeth biting into the side of my volutous hip, I felt his warm breath fleeting over my soft flesh, my back arched and I moaned.  Slowly he took what he wanted with no hesitation and that was what excited me.  He pinned me down, his soft hands held me complacent beneath him.  He was using me as his toy.  My black hair trailed over my shoulders and tickled, igniting the fire that burned between my legs.  Goose bumps spread across my skin as I felt him brush the insides of my thigh, I waited for him to taste me. He kissed me softly and I felt his juicy lips contact my skin, his kiss was a prelude to his bite.  His grip that held me in place tightened and he pressed me deeper into the bed.  My eyes closed and my imagination growing wilder his teeth bit down upon my skin.  I felt his saliva drip down onto my pussy, making me wetter than I already was.  I began to shake.  I wanted him to plunge himself inside of me, I looked up and he was smiling at me, he knew exactly what he was doing, I was enveloped by him.

His gorgeous naked body moved holding me in place.  He grabbed my hands and brought my arms together above my head and held me firm.  I was breathless because I was his now.  I glanced at his cock.  It was stiff and throbbing and ready to fuck me, he fed off the play and looked me in the eyes with a wanting glance.

He held me so tight squeezing my wrists together, I could not get loose and I was desperate not to.  I felt him grab my leg and he was pushing it toward my head, he took the other and spread me so I opened up more.  He still did not want me to move and the pressure from his body pinned me down further.  I moaned as I could feel my juices escaping my open pussy.  In a moment I felt a sharp spank.  My flesh burnt and my pussy throbbed and I became more desparate.  I was searching for satisfaction and he smacked my arse again.  My skin tingled and I squeezed the muscles between my legs, I could hear the noise from being so moist.

His body lifted and he loosened my arms, I left them above me out of submission.  My legs still above my head widened, exposing my pussy, I wanted him to devour it, I wanted him to destroy me.  He moved forcefully over me again and instantly he thrust his cock inside my pulsating sex.  I engulfed him and every nerve exploded inside of me.  I wanted to take his whole body into mine.  My desire was manifested into pure pleasure. 

He fucked me hard, and with every lunge and thrust inside me, my body pulsed and absorbed him.  Drops of his sweat dripped across my breasts, my nipples erect and my skin rubbing against his felt how fantastic his body was.  I began to pant.  I wanted more and screamed for him to fuck me harder.  Control almost became mine and faster and faster he thrust his body against and inside of me.  He pushed so deep, I felt as is I was plunging into my earth.  My pussy came with a spasm and my gush pushed down on his cock my sex clenched to meet the cum shot he shot deep into my body.  I could feel the hot spunk inside me and I laid back in the aftermath of orgasm.

He pulled himself out and pushed my legs further back again, sunk his head between my legs and tasted the juice that laid between my legs.  He took it in his mouth and rose up to meet his lips to mine.  He pushed our taste between my lips pulled his head back and looked at me with a twisted smile, my pleasure was his.

Box Covers

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     Box Covers
I’ve been lucky enough to appear on some box covers recently, there’s nothing more horny than to go into a sex shop and see you image on the front of a movie. Gives me such a thrill. Here’s some of the latest ones. Hopefully more are coming soon.

    Urban Perversions 9 – 2007
Urban Perversions 9

    Devotion and Contempt – 2006
Devotion and Contempt

    Rump Reckers 2 – 2006
Rump Reckers 2

Urban Perversions

Author: daisyrock  //  Category: Daisy's World

One of the above movies is selling like hot cakes at the moment. if you don’t get a copy of the DVD you can see the wild and crazy scene on the Urban Perversions website here.
Urban Perversions
Click Here To View The Trailer

Visit Urban Perversions Here