First Night in Vegas

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Flying over the Nevada desert into Vegas with my bag packed full of sexy undies looking forward to the prospect of letting my hair down once again.  I am going to the AVN Awards Show and decide to take a months trip in the US to make the most of it.  Out of the airplane window I see the tall hotels and buildings against the majestic mountain background and the excitement is settling in. 

The taxi takes me to the splendid Venetian Hotel based on The Strip, inside I see the grandeur of the ceiling.  A beautiful painting copied from Michael Angelo’s Sistene chapel built within The Vatican a wonderful reminder of High Renaissance history.  I look forward to my first night in Vegas and making my way down to the Circle Bar I walk through the casino’s flashing lights, beeps and bells of the slot machines and order a cocktail.  There at the bar is a flurry of Industry friends who rush over to say hello plonking big kisses all over me, it’s so good to see them.  I always bump into Kat first, when that happens I know there will be trouble, I also spot Devon Lee, Marcus London, Shyla Styles, Taylor Wayne, Monique Alexander and Brittany Skye.  So we all hang out and get a bit tiddly but I think it’s time to kidnap Kat and take her to my room …we rush to the lifts excited and horny, she holds my hand and says “look”.  I look down and she is pissing in the lift “Stop” I laugh “ok” she said.  We walk along the corridor to my room we get inside and rip each others clothes off, she dives down and starts to eat my pussy I fall to the chaise lounge open my legs and let her feast on my sex. I take her in my mouth and we kiss and taste each other she licks me like a hungry Kat and I come to orgasm and gush all over her face, shaking with delight.  She has been playing with herself the whole time and she screams so loudly as she cums herself, I bend down in between her thighs and lick her juices, she tastes so sweet.  We climb into bed with our arms wrapped around one another and fall asleep.  What a sexy start to my Vegas trip.

Love, Daisy Rock x x

Daisy Rock and Kat


Author: daisyrock  //  Category: Daisy's World

Reykjavik in Iceland was my next wonderful trip. I was joining Freeones to attend a webmasters yearly gathering, we were all looking so forward to it, after a busy year it’s good to take a well deserved break skiing and letting our hair down. Every one deserves a holiday I think. Well the convention has been cancelled, so my week in the snow is no more. Feminists and Icelandic Government Officials have put a stop to it … It is absolutely shocking as to why.
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