Venus Strictly Broaband

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I made the Strictly Broadband news. We partied hard with these guys in Berlin and they were kind enough to include me in their latest newsletter all about the fantastic Venus show.

Photos (mostly) by AJ
The Strictly Broadband team have been at the Venus show in Berlin, with the unstoppable Angel Long and chocolate cutie Lala as their porn bitches for the weekend.
Venus is an enormous adult show with 5 massive halls of fun, with naked girls galore and no limit on dirty behaviour, unlike our tight public decency laws over here.
We found many familiar British faces, both in the crowds and on the stands, and had a hell of a lot of fun watching all the shows and general sexiness…
Keira was doing her usual incredible pole dance routines, stroking her pussy through white cotton panties as she split her legs wide up and down the pole.  



Angel Long and Lala got dirty while they got clean…
New performer Daisy Rock and starlet Isabel Ice sign the poster for their movie Sex Club…
Omar met Lala and wanted to keep her…
Elizabeth Michelle Lawrence did a stripshow and had some fun with Angel Long in front of the eager crowds…
Poppy Morgan, who won International Performer Of The Year award, gets orally serviced by Angel Long
…who here proves that her award should be an ASBO. Pissing in a hotel corridor, then rolling around on the floor wanking off her moist pussy. The naughty girl looks far too pleased with herself.  

Massive thankyous to our Strictly Broadband girls Angel, Lala and also Rio Mariah, who all did us proud and performed beautifully for the horny onlookers all weekend.

Photos by AJ

Fucked by the Shaft

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I have enjoyed shooting with killergram over the years and my very first shoot with them was so hot. This was when I met the Shaft. The Shaft is an incredible black stud, I do have a penchant for large black cock so I was delighted to meet one. We didn’t take long to get to know each other very well. I’ve never felt a cock like it, it was fucking huge. He loved my raw, dirty style of fucking and we were at it like mad for hours … the scene is still available on their site, I wonder if the Shaft is still pumping pussy. Below is the trailer where you actually see me getting fucked … so please take a look! Happy wanking DDF’s.

Fucked by the Shaft

Check out the movie trailer

Visit Shaft’s site here

Madness in Berlin

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Bloody Hell Berlin was just amazing life could’nt get anymore Rock and Roll if it tried … Venus was amazing all those gorgeous super Porn Princes and Princesses loadsa eye candy.  Walking around with a permanant hard on ain’t easy you know.  Met lots of producers who are making some fantastic movies and I want to be in them all … hardcore european style of course, giggle.  

Was good to see again the  beautiful Kiera,  Angel Long, Poppy Morgan, Monika Sweetheart and many more, hiung out with Isabel Ice, Keni Styles, Gia Jordan, Rio Mariah and Trash, and got mentalated with them all.  Don’t think the Hotel quite knew what to expect.  Second night we donned our kinky gear and went to the launch party for The Fashionistas 2, bit of a wierd one but we had fun with ourselves. Giggle,Giggle.  Next night went out with a group of nutters mentioning no names to a fantastic club called the Kit Kat Klub… Wow is all I can say to that oh and wow again and again for good measure, fantastic music pumping through the walls and the roof, it’s a sex/fetish club and incredibly debauched.  There is a story to tell but for the moment I am off too bed…knackered x x

Off to Venus

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Hi guys, looks like another fun show I will be attending with lots of other beautiful Porn Stars and models.  I will be reporting on my pod cast and writing a blog about events when I get home, so lets hope this trip is ever eventful ..

See you Soon Love Daisy Rock x x

Venus 06

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I will be attending the Venus Fair in Berlin from the 19th to the 22nd October. It’s the 10th anniversary of the show and promises to be a amazing event. I will be joined by a host of pornstars, producers and fans. If you can get yourself there and come find me.

If you can’t make it to Berlin for the show itself check out the live feed here for all the news and hot action.

    LET ME DANCE FOR YOU – Blue Night at Full Service
24th October
Lap/Table Dancing Night – London Venue
Come see me dance and say hi
Click here for tickets and more info

What a Night

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Saturday night shenanigans … Daisy Rock’s Saturday night out .. Oh My Goodness, I have just had the funniest, craziest, sexiest, weekend ever, I think this world has gone nuts and I am being dragged into this crazy whirlwind of madness, I shall attempt to tell you my story, but we warned not for the faint hearted or romantic this is hard core playing by the young and the free …

I will call her Missy … blonde sexy with a smile to die for, she giggles at every opportunity and lights up everyone’s day with her tone, she makes a phone call to MMMMMMMMmmm, I shall call him Mr Cheese. Missy invites Mr Cheese for an Omelette in a restaurant some where near the Fulham road in London. They sit at the table and swap stories of their week giggling over the paned cooked eggs that lay before them. They had both been up late the night before so they were comfortably chilling out to the light atmosphere of the London chatty eatery. I call Missy from my mobile, I am still shopping, “Hey baby how are you?”, “Great” she says, “look just a quick call baby but I have been invited to this party tonight called Innerspirit, it’s run by a friend of mine called Freeky Freeman and it’s the first party for a while, you must come”. “what’s going on there” she laughs, “ it’s a fetish night apparently, look it will be fun, don’t worry about costumes I have got loads here from my shoots, come, please and drive down you may stay over we can have a giggle”. Three hours later she has arrived, we are in Brighton and she has Mr Cheese by her side. I had never met him before, they have been friends for years and had met in a bar in London one night and have been inseparable ever since. I was upstairs in my dressing room making myself up when they walked through the door down stairs, I shouted “hi baby, come on up”. My Boy Trash had welcomed in Mr Cheese and they were laughing down stairs, they knew they were being caught up in something bizarre especially when the girls arrange a night out. We can hear them downstairs talking about their attire for the night, “wear uniforms” Missy shouted, “they’re sexy, and we want to go out with soldiers tonight”, “what do you think of this one Missy?” says Mr Cheese, she runs down stairs to take a look and screams, “yea baby you look fukin hot”. I follow her cupping my breasts as I only have my knickers on, I take a look at him, “woooooooo sexy yes wear that”, I announce “we love uniforms”. So that was my introduction to Mr Cheese.

We arrive fashionably late at The Church, all the guys from the parties the year before were there, a complete bunch of misfits we are and we all have one thing in common, we know how to have a good time. This is my favourite group of friends, they are so controversial and I love it. Roger was there he is know as Buzz light year to me, we spent hours once in an upside down chesterfield settee, pretending to fly to Uranus and the moon … way to much absinth. Freeky freeman was present of course, he runs the night and dj’s at the party, he usually comes out of a wall at some point in the evening wth two human slaves at his feet, a spectacle of art in motion one believes, Gemma with her red hair is always a delight to see, Chloe a beautiful slut tranny and naughty Nick who I have not seen for a long time had paired up. Nick had confessed to me that evening that he had masturbated over one of the videos on my website, naughty boy. Pete Bennett, with his tourettes was dancing with Gemma. If, he doesn’t sound familiar then never mind, the unusual crew Miss D, Nic Vega, all showed up and the list goes on…

We have drinks and I appear to be photographed for half of the night, then I have to give that up for the night as drives me nut’s because I just want to play. Miss D, Missy and I take to the dungeon and find some slaves to torture all in a good way of course, the spanking starts and the drinks are flowing and the heat is rising, the music is getting louder and then the doors shut. We can stay all night if we like and we nearly do.

Miss D and I take a walk around alone, suddenly I am accosted in a hallway by a dark haired, dark eyed man, he was very sexy and he whispered in my ear, “Come with me”. I turn to follow him and he forces me into a corner, he begins to kiss my neck and he squeezes my bum and fondles by breasts. I can feel intensity building up underneath my tight fitting rubber dress, he bends to his knee and ties my hands behind my back, the rope is red, my favourite colour for rope of course. I am restricted and I can’t move, out of the dark, two more Italian looking men stood by my side and within a breath I can feel hands all over my body, my breasts my waist and my legs are being kissed and touched with tenderness so light all the hairs stand up all over my body joined together with the goose bumps of excitement all over my skin. My neck is being kissed and I am being pushed against the wall the hands become more adventurous and move their way nearer to my mouth and my pussy lips. I am being teased so much, they do not touch my mound, they play with me just around it, I can see a cock, one of the Italians is wanking.. I hear groans coming from below me, the other guy takes out his cock too, and then the other follows suit. I am being stroked and kissed so passionately, it drives me crazy, they spread my thighs open to reveal my quickly moistening sex…I am not wearing knickers and one of the men pull my lips apart and I can feel my pussy opening. I feel the wetness of my excited experience dripping onto the floor. They twist me around so I am facing the wall, I am bent over and I feel fingers on the inside of my thighs and my pussy lips still being widened. I sense the hardness of the cocks being wanked and the grunts coming from these strange men are sending me into a dream world, I hear the guy wanking and groaning so much I know he is on the brink of orgasm all of a sudden he cums, he screams his delight, I absorb the sound only to hear the other two men groaning louder too. Both together exceptionally hurried they’re on their way through orgasms too. I feel the blood rushing to my head and between my legs, I start to tremble, I can hardly stand and then a power surged right through my body and I gush all over my legs. I am so wet and my orgasm hits the floor. I have hardly been touched, it’s all in my head, I unexpectedly feel the rope being undone from my wrists, I am still moaning loudly and I am aware of the bodies of the men pulling away … oh the pleasure, the wetness, my shaking legs… I turn around and they are gone…

I take a while, but I pull myself together, I look in the mirror and sweep a bright red colour across my lips, my cheeks are flushed, I look a little dishevelled. I pull my dress down and walk form the corner. “Where have you been Daisy Rock” says Missy, “I was just catching up with a friend”, I whispered, “Come and have another drink baby”, said She.

We leave at 4am and decided to go to an underground sex club, well to keep the themed night going of course. We get there only to drink a horrendous amount of gin to play and be silly for a while, “come on lets go up stairs”, Miss D suggested. Missy, Trash, Dean, Miss D, Mr Cheese and Nic walk upstairs to one of the bedrooms where there are mirrors on the walls sparkling and reflecting. We pull the curtains and put on the mood lighting, we are laughing and chatting, it’s been a while since we were able to catch up. We are slowly but casually touching each other and taking off random bits of clothes, nothing is pushed, I don’t even think you would notice until an hour later when we were all naked.Out of the corner of my eye I see Miss D her legs are sufficiently spread for me to see her shining wet lips through all the legs that are crammed onto the double bed. I work my way through the legs crawling with my bum in the air, I get between her legs and touch her pussy with my tongue, I can taste her, she always tastes good, I push my tongue inside her and she moans, I feel my bum being spread behind me and a tongue pushes it’s way deep inside my hot pussy, a hand takes my hand and I feel a cock. I wrap my fingers around its girth, it’s huge and hard I know it belongs to Nic. Missy is on top of Trash she just rams his cock inside his mouth “fuck my face”, she says, she loves it like that. We all laugh, Dean is behind me his fingers have followed his tongue and he is twisting and pushing deeper inside me, I love it “fuck me Dean”, I shout, there is more laughter, OMG, it is so sexy. His huge swollen cock is rammed up my pussy and he is fucking the hell out of me, Nic has got his fingers inside Missy, he always makes the girls gush and Missy is well on her way, Trash is having his cock sucked by Missy and he is making Miss D gush while I am licking her pussy, Nic’s cock is in Miss D’s mouth. Miss D is soaking my face I can taste the honey juice of her cum all over my lips and down my chin, it turns me on so much that I orgasm and Dean is pumping me so hard that I am being forced more and more into Miss D’s wet pussy, Trash screams “fuck me I’m coming” Missy is all over the place “yeaa baby, yea baby shoot your load you fucker”…Nic ejaculates all over the mirror, they are so steamed up now, we can’t see the reflections of ourselves any more..The smoke rises from the cigarettes, we all lay down in the aftermath, the sweet smell of sex pours its way around the room, we are all sat on top of each other with our breath gently calming and our skin touching, still wet from the sweat of sex, glorious.

“Lets go for a swim” Missy shouts, the laughter begins again, we fumble trying to put our clothes back on and run down the stairs, we walk into the pool room and Trash is the first to go in. well not quiet go in, we push him in, fully clothed, then we all get pushed in, Nic is the only one who doesn’t, somehow we always respect that his original German SS uniform is worth way too much so we leave him alone. The next few hours we spend splashing around in the pool, playing and laughing like children, we soon get tired and want to go home. Our goodnights are bid to every one and five of us go back to my house, Mr Cheese snuck out a little earlier to get some sleep. It came to our attention that because we had thrown each other in the pool that us girls had no clothes to wear home. Nic the guy in the German SS uniform sorts out the situation, well I have never laughed so much ever. Picture the scene… it’s Sunday morning and the families are out for they’re day trips in Brighton, my house is on the seafront and that is where the car stopped and parked, before we arrive Nic suggested, well he forced us actually, he put us girls in the boot as he did not want to drive around with naked chicks in the car. The boys had managed to find some boxer shorts so they were ok. The car pulls up outside, and imagine … the boot opens, and out get us naked chicks laughing our heads off and from the roadside the day trippers can just see a Nazi pulling naked chicks out of the boot of a car, the looks we got were so hilarious, we laughed so much our cheeks were sore.. We finally got home, and then the party began …

Lolly Badcock and Daisy Rock