Lolly Badcock and Me

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Hi guys, well its about time I kept you up to date with my goings on as so much is happening at the moment.  I woke this morning to the sound of my alarm clock.  I have a relaxing bath with thoughts about my day ahead.  The feelings running through my mind are turning me on as I am shooting my first girl, girl movie.  I pack my bag with corsets and stockings and drive to the location to meet Kenny Rye the director/ producer.  We are shooting a fetish style movie in a dungeon called The Blue Rooms.

I arrive full of excitement and there sitting down with the make up artist Helen is Lolly Badcock.  Dark Hair just like mine, beautiful face and a fantastic body.  We say hello and chat, we click straight away, and have a giggle.  We discuss our performance for the day.  We are performing a scene that is a series of scenes in Lollys Annihilations and today she would be the submissive and I the Domme.  I love to perform in fetish shoots, you can be especially creative and I love the role-play.  We watch each other as we dress, Lolly wears large fishnets and a black corset and I a French style burgundy corset with pale stockings and shoes, Lolly adorns her black PVC knee length boots.
She looks hot and I am ready to feast on her.

We enter the dungeon and I cuff her onto an arm spreader that electrically winches her to the ceiling of the blackened room.  The lights are set and I am ready to start.  I play with her breasts and run a pinwheel over her nipples, she moans and I know she enjoys the play.  The room is lit in blue, our skin looks like porcelain, so pure.  I start to play with her with toys that go deep inside her, the toys get bigger as the scene develops.  I lower her so she kneels at my feet for a little Mistress worship, I then push her to all fours for more toy play.  The excitement oozing from her body, she pushes back wanting more.  The scene is coming to a close, and I want her body to unleash itself.  I untie her from the hoist and lift her onto a leather bench.  I tie her down with red rope across her firm breasts, so she wont move.  We play and kiss and caress and within moments Lolly lets go with the toy and she floods.  Her face and chest red with delight we end with a kiss.

What a way to spend a day I am sure you would agree, I am blessed with a great career, that is just wonderful in every great way.

Thanks to Lolly Badcock. Kenny Rye, Helen and Michael and Freya at the Blue Rooms.

I shall say good night as I fall to sleep.

Love, Daisy Rock x x

Lolly Badcock and Daisy Rock

5 Responses to “Lolly Badcock and Me”

  1. me Says:

    Cooooooooorrrrrrr, the lovely Lolly Badcock, x x

  2. Lolly Fan Says:

    Lolly Badcock x

  3. lolly badcock Says:

    Hello you sexy bitch!

    Lolly here, how are you gorgeous?

    It was wicked working with you, you made me so fucking wet in that scene, cant wait to see it and cant wait to work with you again!

    Sexy kisses
    Lolly xxx

  4. Sven Says:


    for all fans: this scene will be broadcasted
    tonight Mar 04 2008
    at 21:55 GMT on Private Spice

    thanks god, I didnt find the movie over the hole internet :))

  5. Sven Says:

    Hi you lucky guys,

    against the programmguide they didnt broadcast the scene with Daisy and Lolly, but the scene with Lolly and someoneelse which was ment to broadcast next week.
    So with some luck the scene will be broadcasted next tuesday (Mar 11 2008). Private Spice, Astra 19.2E

    kisses to Daisy and Lolly

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