Lolly Badcock and Me

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Hi guys, well its about time I kept you up to date with my goings on as so much is happening at the moment.  I woke this morning to the sound of my alarm clock.  I have a relaxing bath with thoughts about my day ahead.  The feelings running through my mind are turning me on as I am shooting my first girl, girl movie.  I pack my bag with corsets and stockings and drive to the location to meet Kenny Rye the director/ producer.  We are shooting a fetish style movie in a dungeon called The Blue Rooms.

I arrive full of excitement and there sitting down with the make up artist Helen is Lolly Badcock.  Dark Hair just like mine, beautiful face and a fantastic body.  We say hello and chat, we click straight away, and have a giggle.  We discuss our performance for the day.  We are performing a scene that is a series of scenes in Lollys Annihilations and today she would be the submissive and I the Domme.  I love to perform in fetish shoots, you can be especially creative and I love the role-play.  We watch each other as we dress, Lolly wears large fishnets and a black corset and I a French style burgundy corset with pale stockings and shoes, Lolly adorns her black PVC knee length boots.
She looks hot and I am ready to feast on her.

We enter the dungeon and I cuff her onto an arm spreader that electrically winches her to the ceiling of the blackened room.  The lights are set and I am ready to start.  I play with her breasts and run a pinwheel over her nipples, she moans and I know she enjoys the play.  The room is lit in blue, our skin looks like porcelain, so pure.  I start to play with her with toys that go deep inside her, the toys get bigger as the scene develops.  I lower her so she kneels at my feet for a little Mistress worship, I then push her to all fours for more toy play.  The excitement oozing from her body, she pushes back wanting more.  The scene is coming to a close, and I want her body to unleash itself.  I untie her from the hoist and lift her onto a leather bench.  I tie her down with red rope across her firm breasts, so she wont move.  We play and kiss and caress and within moments Lolly lets go with the toy and she floods.  Her face and chest red with delight we end with a kiss.

What a way to spend a day I am sure you would agree, I am blessed with a great career, that is just wonderful in every great way.

Thanks to Lolly Badcock. Kenny Rye, Helen and Michael and Freya at the Blue Rooms.

I shall say good night as I fall to sleep.

Love, Daisy Rock x x

Lolly Badcock and Daisy Rock


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So today I am driving up to Kent with an itch in my knickers, the reason for that would be I am shooting today with three gorgeous Men.

 I arrive at the golf course and the scenes are to be shot outside, it is pouring down with rain so I feel we are looking at getting a little wet, in more than one way.I can see the men in the distance one very tall and handsome with a very fit physique with lovely dark hair, the other shorter very muscular with blonde hair and the last, dark hair mysterious eyes and again a good body. I get changed into a tiny denim skirt and a pretty top, the filming is about to start. The story goes, I arrive with my husband in an outside wood and he starts so touch and caresses me in the car. The rain is belting down and I can hear the raindrops against the windows. We are kissing and then I suck him whilst he is throbbing and hard against my lips, I begin to taste him as he gets excited.

Within moments there is a knock on the window, there is the Tall dark haired man standing there and he looks though the window. He bends down opens the door. My husband suggests that he joins in and says that he loves to see his wife with another man. He pulls me away from my husband, out of the car and takes me around to the front of the bonnet. He sits on the bonnet and I lean against him and kiss his lips whilst fondling his large erection. My husband is looking on with words of encouragement to further our play. I bend down to my knees and I feel the wetness in my knickers starting to build up. I am trembling inside with the thought of his hard cock in my mouth. I pull open his jeans to reveal his perfectly white pants and underneath his massive hard on. My hands go into his whites and I pull him towards my mouth, my husband standing looking on with his cock in his hand wanking over the view of his wife on her knees for another man. I can smell his excitement; I open my mouth which is moist and wet, take his erection to my tongue wrap my lips around his throbbing helmet and suck so hard tasting his pre cum in my mouth. I suck and tease taking all of him far back into my throat thrusting my head again and again back and forth with rhythmic force. My husband comes over and I grab him too, within moments I have two cocks, pumping my mouth whilst I gag, suck and please.

The rain is trickling down my back but the heat coming from our three bodies is enough for our minds to be far away from the cold of each raindrop. In the distance I see another body and my husband gesturing him over. I feel hands on my breasts a hand inside my knickers two cocks in my mouth its all too much all too exciting, am I in a dream. I am now stood up and bent over the bonnet, my knickers are pulled down and a massive cock enters me, thrusting in my mouth and thrusting into my soaking wet pussy and another cock I my hand growing wild. My head is spinning and the moment is electric I am being fucked from all different directions and I feel the metal of the car under my breasts as I am being pumped by a sexual steam train. “Lets take her over here”, they say … the two men and my screen husband lift me over to a park bench the rain still pouring down over our hot wet bodies. I am laid down on my back and my husband starts pumping his manhood into me and the other two men enter my mouth, their hands behind my head fucking my face. Their manly grunts fill the air as I can feel the build up of an orgasm starting to begin deep inside of me, my screams fill the set and I hear it echo across the golf course.

Changing positions I feel a different cock inside me and in my mouth, again and again they change. My heart is racing my head spinning and my pussy starts to gush all over one of the guys, I scream out that I am coming the blood rushes to my head and whilst I am pushing down on this hard cock my pussy starts to pulsate and the flow of my juices race and release themselves with a force that makes me dizzy in pleasure. My muscles constrict again and again and then with an almighty push the guy making me cum pulls himself out of me and cums himself all over my body, my husband and the other guy pushing themselves into my mouth push harder and harder and then both of them squirt into my mouth and over my face in one long orgasm. We all moan in pleasure and the guys hold me in their arms in the aftermath of pleasure. The rain still beating down upon us we wrap towels around us, and get ready for the next scene.

Can’t wait for you all to see this movie.

Daisy Rock xox

Lolly Badcock and Daisy Rock

Loaded Magazine

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     Catch me in this month’s UK Loaded magazine (Getting Away With It). I was snapped on a very naughty night out at Torture Garden, London, They caught me in the male toilets lol. It was a great night, 5 of us ended up back at the hotel fucking the night away.

Loaded September

Going Out Tonight

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Going to be out tonight … Ocean Rooms, Brighton … Lets have some fun x x

Miami Madness

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I am sitting on a beautiful beach with the sun shining, sand between my toes, drinking cocktails. In The Wiston Diplomat Hotel, which is completely taken over by the Porn Industry. The parties are wild and Miami just doesn,t know what hit them. So I am having fun Daisy Rock Style. I entered a bikini competition won some money, doing it for the brits in style. I was the only chic to get semi naked, I would have gone all the way, but that would,nt have been a bikini contest then would it. I will be loading the piccies soon… much to see.

The second contest was the wet t shirt contest … well they told us to go I did. 12 girlie contestants floated on stage looking pretty did a little dance then got wet. Meanwhile back stage my friend Kat, very big porn talent from california and I got completely buggered on beer. In order to pee in the wet pool. I was called to stage grabbed the mike and announced that us two girls were going to do the show together. We jump straight into the pool rip off all our clothes, 69ed on stage, pissed on the MC and then got inventive with popsicles. Not many people knew me when I arrived but they do now.  They showed a 15 min video on the big screen of all mine and Kat’s madness at one of the seminars.  I have fifteen party invites tonight, by the elite porn producers .. all good and rockin Daisy style.

See you when I get back and get ready to party in the UK.Hope you are all good.   

Lolly Badcock and Daisy Rock

My 2nd Movie

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My second movie Just got news that my second movie has surfaced. I’ve only got it on PPV for now. Hopefully the DVD will be available soon. This movie is all about Tony and his conquests. We did the shoot outside in a field, boy can Tony fuck, and so lovely to be out in the open like that.
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My First Movie

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My first movie is out

Sex Club by the amazing Tanya Hyde is just fantastic. Really horny scenes and performers set in a seedy nightclub setting. You’ll see me pole-dancing and taking most of a huge toy up my pussy.
Sex Club

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