LA Fun

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F**K, LA is HOT, HOT, HOT………SEX, SEX, SEXY…… Shagging loads of porn stars…All good, when I get back I will be putting the content on my site for you all to see.

LA is very addictive, but we showed them how to party UK Style the combination is great.  We are going to a strip club tonight so I can pull a chick.. tell you all about it when I get back.

Miss you all, cant wait to get home GIGGLES Daisy Rock x x x x

Parties and Nightlife

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Well what can I say, Saturday night I am all tucked up in bed as I have to pack for LA because it wil be busy, busy, busy and my lovely friend Miss D and Nik, decide to call us at 2am inviting Trash and my self to the local swingers club.. Skinny Dippers, it’s a local haunt of our anyway and always good fun and lots of gorgeous naughty people to party with.  Up we get quick bath make up on and hair decided to wear it trailing down my back wearing pink stockings and frilly nickers with bra to match, lots of eyes popping out when we arrived.  My boyfriend is in to watching.. so I had loads of fun with two beautiful men and a couple later who we decided to take home.. yummy.  We both dressed up for the boys, I was a naughty maid and my friend was a naughty scoolgirl and we were very much molested all night…brilliant, I went to sleep with a big smile on my face.  God I was knackered as we stayed up all night only we had another urge to go out, went to the honey club in Brighton and I sourced out the most gorgeous man in the club on sunday night, took him home and got ravished.  Didn’t see monday as I was sleeping all day felt dizzy with too much bed aerobics.  Now its tuesday and 4 in the morning and still trying to pack…I think my lif is a bit mental but bloody fun…life is so cool.


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Phew, just finished movie… it was fantastic…. The studio was fantastic, and absolutely huge, spaced over two floors in Bristol.  I usually only work with Tony and Pascal however I got to meet Marlon again for the second time and also Alex., all very gorgeous porn star boys.  There was a ferrari, the Starsky and Hutch car and one mutherf***ing cool low rider motor bike there.  Director was Phill Berry husband of the lovely Cathy Berry, for pumpkin film productions.  Make up artist Adele.. with whom I always have a giggle with….I made her some nipple tassels and made her promise to practice twirling them stuck to her breasts for her boyfriend.  Shoot went very well, very horny, me and the four guys… gosh such hard work for a small girl HO HUM.  4 Days till LA….wish me luck x x

LA Erotica Yippee

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Next week I will be attending Erotica LA, it is hosted by Jenna Jameson and Dave Navarro, I can’t wait…. fun, fun, fun…I’m signing pictures for, I am loking forward to meeting lots of talented artists from the Industry and can’t wait to bump into fans… yeah baby..I will be meeting and greeting and signing pictures for you …… if you want them giggle, giggle, giggle…. I have photo’s on the ready for you, you can also bring your own camera to take your own x xI will be there on:

Friday 23rd June 2006
Saturday 24th June 2006
Sunday 25th June 2006

I am really looking forward to seeing you X X

The Erotica LA site is with all the info needed to attend, so please come along and say hello…

All my Love Kixxes and giggles, Mwah
Daisy Rock



LA Erotica Photos

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Can I get a vote on which pictures I should print to sign in LA, from myspace pics, I would be most interested, all those who vote will recieve a signed pic through your E Mail with your name.Love Daisy Rock


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I have just had a call for another Movie, very exciting, so tomorrow I will be working with Tony James, Pascal, Marlon and Alex.  Do you think they will be able to handle me?  Look out for the Update x x


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Thanks for all your support and your wonderful messages I am recieving from you.  I have had requests for fans to come and visit me, so to let you know where I will be this Wed and Thurs  There is a club in East London just recently opened named WHITES and it is in Leman Road, E1.

It is a girlie stripping club and I will be performing and meeting fans there, so if you fancy it come and meet me for a drink, it will be great to see you there.  Just ask for Daisy Rock and let me know who you are, lots of Love and giggles…….x x x x x

LA Erotica

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I am off to LA Erotica on the 21st June to promote my site, Thanks to all you bunnies that are arranging to meet me out there for some fun and frolics.  I am really looking forward to the parties and naughtyness, I can’t wait to meet with Jenna and Belladonna my favorite Grrls.  I am hoping to sign up with a large reputable company whilst I am out there, it will be cool if another good girl gets the success she deserves in the Industry.

Wish me luck…X X X X X

I will upload some photo’s when I get back, Thanks you Minx’s for all your support

X X X  

Edit: Just heard Belladonna will not be there, looks like I will have to wait until January possibly AVN.

Weekend Badness

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Saturday Night, went to a very naughty party, met some cute boys to kiss, So there was lots of kissing all night and stuff, I will have to upload it all on my private online diary.  First I lost my jacket, then my stockings, then my bra and finally my knickers.  Yes I actually went home with just my shoes on.  I did get very drunk though, but I knew exactly what my naughty girl side was doing though.  I met a very cute boy who I want to make a movie with…. wish me luck. x X X

Site Live

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My website is finally live. I hope to have the members section up in a month or 2. Hope you enjoy the free pic previews.