THE CLUB New Movie!

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The story of THE CLUB is of an old school underground sex initiation group that started with the Character Buffalo Belle played by Daisy Rock. The character of THE CLUB is dark and twisted. Some of the characters have been members for years and their job as a member of THE CLUB is to initiate and entice new members to the group.

Production Company Name: HouseofTrashRock

Directors/Producers: Trashmeister and Daisy Rock

Cast Girls: Daisy Rock, Samantha Bentley, Billie Rai, Chantelle White, Dark Angel, Jasmine James.

Cast Boys: Lee Saint, Luke Hotrod, Marc Rose, Peter Oh Tool.

Genre: Extremely Oral, Fetish Sex, Big Tits, Hard Sex, Nylon Stockings, Corsets, Lesbian Sex, Dramatic Story Line.

Tags: #HouseofTrashRock #Porn #BigTits #UKStars #FeatureMovie #Hardcore

Runtime: 180 Min.

Release Date: SCENE 1: 12TH JUNE 2014
SCENE 2: 19TH JUNE 2014
SCENE 3: 26TH JUNE 2014
SCENE 4: 3RD JULY 2014
SCENE 5: 10TH JULY 2014

Features: Chapter Menu, Gallery, Trailers, Shot In HD

Our new HOUSEOFTRASHROCK PRODUCTIONS films from directors TrashMeister and UK’s most famous adult actress DAISY ROCK will ROCK you! Welcome to THE CLUB! Dark themed hard core with international top performers Samantha Bentley, Dark Angel, Daisy Rock and many more!


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Hey Scoundrels,

If you know all about me you will know that I have been working incredibly hard alongside my amazing business partner TRASHMEISTER as he is known, @trashmeister on twitter. Together finally we have produced and filmed six stunning full high quality production movies.

These movies are being released on at 1 SCENE per week. This is the second week of release for our first movie THE CLUB, so there are 2 SCENES currently uploaded.

This is a list of our movies



3. SEVEN:30




The movies each have 5 quality scenes with a fantastic collection of the finest UK performers, these movies are being published worldwide and so far are catching great attention.

Trash and I are not stopping there. We are filming and producing 1 movie a month continuously and all will be eventually uploaded to

I really hope that you enjoy these movies and we will put up trailers on this blog so you can get a good idea of these brand new naughty flicks.

Love Daisy X


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What is it all about?

I am Daisy Rock and I live in a seaside town called Brighton in the UK. You can liken it to a mini London by the sea but it’s far more relaxed and a hell of a lot more sexy. I am not an Ordinary girl that lives next door, I am different, and I have always known that. I am driven by my sexuality and my whole life has suffered and flourished because of it. I wholeheartedly began my Porn career as Daisy Rock in 2007, my sex life was severely getting in the way of every other Career prospect I had ever encompassed by consistently getting up to a fuck load of no good. I own my sexual freedom and I enjoy inspiring other sexy people to own theirs to. I really do not see the problem with all people being anything and everything they are sexually without the social barriers that make it a sinister dirty pastime.

Anyway I digress, so I like being a sexy bad girl, and could tell a million and one stories of all of the sexual risqué debauchery that I happen on this world, and I do!

I have expressed many of my sexploits through my website an opportunity for me to earn a living out of something I love and can’t get away from at any length, no matter how hard I try.

My career so far speaks for itself. I have built up a wonderful fan base of which I consider my friends, who share the same thoughts, feelings and naughtiness as myself. I have in my own way created ‘a lets own it’ attitude to everybody who has felt guilty or restricted as sexual being to express themselves without fear of being told that this is a bad thing. Sharing your body and having sexy fun is not a bad thing in my opinion, as long as you are honest about whom you are and what it is that you’re all about.

I have been noted for my sexual style and my dedication in my now on going career, and have won many awards for being a fan favourite performer, noted for the style of my films and freedom of expression. I do not consider myself to be the most beautiful woman in the world even though I am super happy with my look and my body. I am aware that I have a very unique androgynous look, I except that, and some find me very beautiful and some just don’t get it. But that is not what I am about, I am about personality and bravery, to be exactly who I am and own my exhibitionism. I live this life and love to encourage you too, to live and express your sexual freedoms. Let’s get kinky.

So now with that little snippet of background I now announce that I am starting my new business named I will be the first Porn Star worldwide to go live on camera 24 hours a day 7 days a week with a lifestyle that is just not being seen! There is so much of it that I have taken the plunge to exhibit every single moment of my unbelievable sexual adventures.

So to start I will be having a launch night, I have had such a great reaction to this that I decided that on that night, I will be with my friends just getting up to what we normally do in any sexy debauched moment. None of this will be planned, I am just going to turn the cameras and go with the flow. After the launch night when it’s just me, there of course will be downtime moments where I will be sleeping, showering and living, that might interest you if you were to consider me say your virtual girlfriend. But what I aim to capture are those amazing moments that are so sizzling hot and spontaneous they actually look amazing and more exciting than any pornography that we view, as all the footage is real life my everyday life that fans love to see.

I am producing and directing 12 feature movies this year for Paradise Films based in Germany. You will be privy to those, you will see my live cam shows, my sexy bitches of girlfriends pop by. The porn boys I like to booty call. The spontaneous boy fucks that I bring home, my private wanking sessions, Oh so much to mention, I think you should come along for the ride. Let’s see what happens. If this weekend and all my others are anything to go by, you will not get bored EVER!

Every moment that is a certain special, will be recorded and loaded, so that you will not miss a beat. If you miss a party because of your time scale in another country you can catch up whenever you like.

I am working with a team of guys in Devon in the UK that will upload and clearly announce an organised show or party so you will know what is exactly going on.

We have scrupulously tested the equipment and it’s the best. It will look like television beamed into your homes, so it will not be the porn webcam footage we are so used to seeing. To my fan base that I have aptly named Scoundrels, I am an ultimate perfectionist and professional and I’m 100% dedicated to this venture. I am extremely excited and nervous all at once, I know not yet how it will be for you, or me, but I am going to give it everything I have got, please wish me luck and support me like you always do. In return well you know!!!

I will announce on Twitter the launch date, and I will be inviting you in FOR FREE that evening, no excuses then A?


I am hoping the 12th February but there is still a lot of work to do, I will keep you updated.

You are my loves, you are my life and I thank you for being there for me for the last 7 years, without you, I cannot live my dream and help you find yours. Scoundrels unite in the movement of our sexual freedom and lets kick some arse, or if your American Ass. Haha

Your Daisy Rock
Your 247 Porn Star

Below are thoughts and comments that I asked my fantastic fans and friends on twitter when I asked them how they would describe me to an alien. Giggle …

This is what they said…

?@deanlacher Feb 1
@DaisyRockUK Largely, for me, it’s your womanhood, sexuality is a part of that, but there is so much more, there is … Everything.

Gunter Freddy ? Feb 1
@DaisyRockUK YOU ARE ONE THE MOST AWESOME LADIES HERE ON Twitter. WE LOVE your beauty character and sense of humour!!!

?@David9Points Feb 1
@DaisyRockUK You are one of the few people that talk to us on twitter. Some famous people just ignore us. You always speak to your fans.

@David9Points Feb 1
@DaisyRockUK a dream date who oozes sex appeal from every part of your gorgeous body. Together with a dirty mind makes you perfect.

I know this sound cliché. But you are among the few people that are keeping me going at the moment. You pick me up when I’m down.

?@David9Points Feb 1
@DaisyRockUK I like to know things like what you do on your ‘down’ time? What’s it like to be a film star? Then how do you stay looking so good?

A super slut who lives, breathes and sleeps sex!

?@Strapon_Jane Feb 1
@DaisyRockUK this lady is so bad she soo good, gotta love her xxxx

You are a beautiful , kind and intellectual woman. But also one with a naughty mind. The ideal fantasy woman. X

#naughty #passionate #outspoken and #driven

Sexy, very sexual and down to earth.

Caring, awesome, gorgeous and very approachable.

Sexy, gorgeous, open, caring and totally filthy – a perfect lady.

Gorgeous, stunning kinky fucker, ass to die for, a little sexy tease and one of my fave Porn Stars. I wanna fuck in her ass all day xxxx!!!

YOU ARE ONE THE MOST AWESOME LADIES HERE ON Twitter WE LOVE your beauty character and sense of humour !!! x

Quite simply the sexiest woman on the planet!!!!!!

Daisy, your police scene with @Strapon_Jane might be the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen, it’s truly incredible! xx

Intelligent, sexy, the UK’s premier adult film star and one of the few to genuinely take the time to interact with fans!

Films, humour, music taste, intelligence, how about vice versa as having no joy with my messages to girls! X

I like to know personal things like preferred places to have someone and what positions?

Strong, independent, confident, approachable, fun loving, sweet, talkative.

Our first connection with you is through your porn. We see this unbelievable sexy woman doing things we fantasise about. The utter filth!
Which we all dream of. Then when we meet, I see this other beautiful side to you. The personal, caring touch. Someone who treats you with respect. The time spent doesn’t feel cold or impersonal. The complete opposite in fact. Then you realise that the true beauty of Daisy lies within that beautiful heart of yours. You have this amazing ability to make people feel like they are living. Not just surviving. Not many people in this day and age can say that. That time I spent with you will live with me forever. You bring a smile to my face and a glow inside of me. That’s what you mean to me. XXXX

Genuinely a nice person, who interacts so well with her fans. You are at the forefront of new ideas in porn! Hope this helps? X

You are interesting , funny and sexy , you do what it says on the ‘tin’….Daisy ROCK ;)) xx

A sultry, sensuous, sexual goddess, genuine & down to earth, accessible, obtainable, someone who genuinely appreciates her fans!

I WANT TO KNOW your interests, what you like doing in the weekends. Favourite books, movies, TV shows

At first it was because you’re just so fucking sexy and nasty. Later it was because you’re just a real chick who seems fun.

A girl who knows what she wants, and knows how to get it. She has brains and beauty to boot. Fun loving and sexy!


Porn Advice

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After 8 Years of performing in this Industry there is not really a stone left unturned to what I have and have not witnessed. Good and bad I have witnessed much. I have made every mistake I possibly could, looking like a right twat, to smoothly operating like the seasoned professional with much acclaim. I’ve experienced most of the detrimental traumas possible, and the most elevated highs. I am unscathed to a point, and happy. Some of the traumas left little bruises but the highs taught me to stay grounded. Today I am in complete control of everything I do which is an amazing place to be. But we all have to start somewhere right?

This is my advice to you the newbie.

Girls. When you make that decision to work in Porn you will be very much alone. Not in the – you will be shagging no one sense, I will tell you that everyone will want to get their hands on you at first, as being a newbie elevates you to a brand new ego high, but in the sense that when you get home after a shoot whatever happens there, your psychology will be dealing with it.
Boys. Be confident. Most directors are great but you do get the odd ones who are absolute assholes and treat you like shit to put you off your game. Be pre-warned!

How to get in??? I know it’s harder now but we will always need new people and that is you. Boys I would suggest getting some photo sets but mostly getting some scenes together on tape to prove you can do the job. If you have to pay a girl to get these scenes I would strongly suggest that. Producers need to know that you will be able to succeed at your job. That means you can maintain a hard on through a manner of all different experiences, being hot or cold, maybe the girl is not your thing, after shooting stills and waiting for the girl to be ready blah blah. Make sure you give a performance that makes the girl look good, guys are not watching porn to look at you, you are just a stunt cock, make that girl look amazing and do not be lazy and expect the girl to do all the work. That is your job, you are not there to get laid you are there to perform. Getting laid is a Perk! If you are a good looking guy then getting work will be easier and the chics will love it. IT IS NOT THE SIZE OF YOUR DICK that makes you an ideal candidate for this job. It is about the performance that you are able to give and maintain under all circumstances. Watch some porn watch what the guys have to do and understand that he has worked for an hour or much more before you see that scene.

These are the questions you need to ask yourself.

If you are thinking of going into the world of porn know that this will be online in the public eye forever. When you leave porn to take on that job role after you finish university, your porn persona will still be out there for everybody to see. If you are ok with that then go ahead. If you know that your future husband or wife will be OK with knowing what you used to do then go ahead. There is a chance that no one will find out but that chance is very slim and this world is cruel.

If you are young and strong and know your own mind, you do exist! Do your research before shooting for any Tom, Dick or Harry. Online is a very good place to start.
If you are young and have problems in life and you are not so sure about yourself this is probably not an industry that would suit you.

If you’re in America I would get an agent, but choose very wisely. Some of them are slave drivers, and don’t care about the physical effects of working you hard will have on your body. Think about whether or not you want to have hard core sex every day and on the days you do not feel like it. In the US this can be a common expectation.

Girls, Choose what you want to do at the start and stick with it. The choices are Solo Girl, Girl/Girl Only, Boy/Girl and Boy/Girl Anal. You can choose to do fetish to if that is your cup of tea. Speak with your agent about this. In the UK this is pretty much your own decision. Boys, yes unfortunately you will possibly have more success quicker if you are straight and you go down the gay route, you will get more work and more money. But there is a chance that when you want to cross over to the straight stuff the girls might not want to work with you and you can be mocked in the Industry, I have seen it happen. So be prepared.

In the US, if you have something that an agent finds special they might get you to sign a contract. This one is easy, DO NOT sign anything until you have consulted a lawyer so you know exactly what is expected of you. I have seen this go wrong so many times and there is no easy way out of it and you could end up owing a lot of money or earning nothing to pay your dues back. The only thing you should be signing is the model release before the shoot.

Choosing your name is a very important part of your porn personality. So think about this one long and hard. Maybe tell your friends and say it out loud for a bit, see if you get used to it and remember to check it online, there maybe someone out there with that name or a similar one and you want to be unique. I made this mistake and when I bought the name Daisy Rock I later found out it was an American guitar company. My bad, but I liked it so much I stayed with it, you might not want that.

What is expected of you? Always make sure that you know exactly what the shoot entails. Your agent should have already done this for you but in the UK you need to ask the production manager or director before you agree to do the shoot. You do not want to turn up on the day of an anal scene if this is not what you do. It will waste your time and theirs.
Your ID. When you go to a shoot you must always have to forms of current ID with you. You cannot shoot without it. I have left mine on the side at home once or twice and even as an established known performer they will still need to see my ID’s on the day.

Your tests. You have to be tested regularly and you have to have your test certificate on the day with you. It must be in date usually every 28 days but many performers now, (I know a few) test every two weeks. I have had girls turn up on set with chlamydia as positive and not got their clear retest papers with them. Thinking I will still shoot them. NO I WON’T!!! Nobody will so don’t be a fucking idiot.

Your body is going to be your prime tool and you need to look after yourself. If you are eating the wrong diet of sweets and crisps and drinking lots of caffeine you will not manage the heavy schedule and perform at your best. Look after yourself. Go to the gym, Eat lots of protein and dark green vegetables, drink lots of water, keep fit and get a good amount of sleep. This job is tiring and you can crash quickly on set if you’re not fit.

Look after your skin with creams and shave your relevant bits as you also want to be super lovely for the performers you are working with. Look after your pussys and cocks to. I always make sure a stud washes his hands right before a scene as dirt and germs from the set is the most common way just to get stupid, annoying infections that are avoidable. Always have lube with you as well, it saves any friction soreness from long shagging or toy scenes where you might lose your regular wetness.

Have a kit. You will always need lube and baby wipes for all sorts of things. But also make sure you have the correct attire for the shoot. Find out exactly what the director has in mind and then take some extra different stuff with you just in case he changes his mind or he does not like what you have brought. I have had girls turn up with no shoes, one old grey bra blah blah, this is not professional and will affect your shoot.

Do not turn up pissed or high as a kite. If you are going to do this job and you have to be high, it really is not for you. It is a really bad start. These days directors do not really tolerate this and a performer will not thank you for it either.

Do not have an attitude on set. If you are difficult to work with, no one will want to work with you. Of course there are going to be directors that are all sorts of weird, awkward, rude ,blah blah remain professional and just call your agent if you have a problem. In the UK just remain professional and maybe share with a trusted colleague, if it’s bad, really bad, then do not hesitate to leave! Shame and tell. It does not happen that often but if anything bad happens to you, share it to prevent it happening to anybody else.

Girls and boys, producers love a great and easy going, fun personality with top professionalism. That is key. If you are nice you will get lots of work. If you are beautiful as well you will get even more.

Do love to social network. The more you promote yourself and take control of your career the more fans you get, the more producers will want to shoot you and the longer you will last. It is quite unusual for a girl to last just over a year or two as you are being replaced rapidly and once all the producers have shot you they will want to shoot someone else. Boys, as long as you are a strong performer and keep moving with the times and taking it up a notch you could have a happy life long career for many years.

Last but not least, enjoy it!!! This is the most amazing Industry I have ever worked in. As a rule I have meet the most amazing people ever and I am having a really great time. The fans are fantastic and treat me with the most amazing respect. I find that if you totally own what you do and stand proud you will be respected for all the hard work that you put in. Most producers and production companies treat you well and want to have a good day and a good shoot the same as you. So take that leap if it’s what you want to do and hang onto those reigns your gonna get fucked like a racehorse at the Grand National.

Lust Daisy Rock




Paul Raymond Awards

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It’s been a long time but here we go bit of filth!

Now I have your attention fans and friends my latest film Pornography is up for the Paul Raymonds all singing all dancing Best Adult Film Award.

Hoorah I hear you shout!

I am absolutely delighted!

This is the ideal opportunity for me, and you my devoted DDF’s (Daisy’s Dirty Fuckers) Fans and Friends to win a coveted Award with one of the UK’s most renowned adult entertainment organisation. @paulraymondmag if you want to follow them on twitter.

So I am asking all my loyal scoundrels to VOTE FOR ME and here is how you do it.

Email AFDaisy to you may do this as many times as you wish. This is FREE!

Alternatively you may text AFDaisy to 84010 at the cost of £1.50 per text.

Lets do this guys and girls, we have done it before we can do it again.

Lust and fucks your NO 1 Daisy Rock. XOXO

My Slave Megan Coxxx

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Get ready to see one of the biggest names in UK Porn getting completely ruined. I push Megan to the limit as I dominate and use her young body. Slapping, spitting and whipping her holes. I make love to her like no other woman has. She lets herself go completely for me and lets me do ANYTHING to her. I waste no time taking full advantage of that opportunity.

See it all here on my website

Daisy and Megan

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Live on Cam tonight

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Tonight at 5.30pm EST and 10.30pm UK time I will be doing my first webcam show for the Vicky Vette Nation cam network of girls. Members of my site get to see my live show and chat to me as well as other daily web shows from some of the hottest names in porn such as Puma Swede, Julia Ann, Nikki Benz, Vicky Vette, Sara Jay, Bobbi Eden, Angel Long and many, many more.

You can check out the show timetable here – My members get access to each and every show

Girls on cam

To watch my show click here and follow the JOIN link at the top of the page

Daisy on Cliterati

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Daisy Rock talks about the ‘Daisy’ launch on Cliterati! from Jump Start Productions on Vimeo.

Venus Award Nomination

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I’m so excited. I have been nominated for a Venus Award. The Venus Awards are held in Berlin every year and it’s part of the biggest Erotic show in the world.

On the evening of 18 October 2012 the traditional Venus Award ceremony with the highly coveted statue of the adult film industry, about 300 invited guests are expected at the biggest awards ceremony of the adult industry.

I am nominated for “Best Amature Girl”. The German translation is a little different to our word amateur. What it means is someone who is largely independent and runs their own website/business.

Daisy Rock – Best Amature Girl

Daisy Rock

Click here to check out some of my past trips to Venus Berlin

Wow Mr Scot

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Well I shall let you into a little secret. I love my town of Brighton and all the shenanigans that take place there for me. However I have been getting rather itchy feet lately and the Big Smoke has been beckoning me. If you have not guessed already, I am known to be very spontaneous. The opportunity came up for me to rent a friends flat there, of course with security, (Big Burly Bloke, in screaming earshot). So I thought why the hell not. So yes I am back to my roots and have become a half Londoner! Well I can’t leave the seaside altogether can I?

I have an amazing fan base in London and decided to get a little bit naughtier and take sexy bookings there. Well Oh what fun London is! Everything I wanted it to be, I do hope this continues. I have met some delightful people already and things have been interesting, but today even more so …

Mr Scot gave me a call. He had lovely dulcet tones on the other end of the phone, I did not tell him this but I loved his voice. He seemed to be nervous and I knew that for sure when he arrived. I picked up the door entry phone and it took him a while to get through the door, I could hear his footsteps and then he appeared around the corner. He was tall and stocky with tousled blonde hair, he looked slightly dishevelled but to cool to care, that was sexy. He looked in his thirties with piercing eyes and a very nervous smile. I invited him in and he apprehensively moved through the door into my front room with his work bag.

I leant towards him and gave him a kiss, he put down his bag, looked at me and asked if I smoked, ‘yes’ I said delightfully, and out of his bag he rolled a small joint. I did not know he meant that at first, but I was cool with it. He needed to calm his nerves.

We sat down and faced each other whilst we both smoked, him on his special cigarette and I my usual. I was dressed in sheer fine stockings with a black suspender belt, trimming the tops of my thighs, underneath I had the full panties on that he adored. I wore a black tight short dress over the top just short enough to appeal, and high black heels high enough to topple me if I was to bend over.

We chatted and I could feel the energy around us was very relaxed, it was an unspoken thing that we were not rushing any part of this day. I lay my hand on his chest over his shirt, I felt electricity through my tentative fingers. I whispered into his ear ‘what do you like?’ leaving a trail of breath coasting his neck

‘I like it slow’, he whispered back.

I caressed his chest a little more and looked deep into his eyes, I pulled my dress up to reveal the lace at the top of my stockings, I knelt to his side just before lifting my other leg over him so I was sat on his lap straddling him. I grabbed the bottom of my dress again and lifted it up stroking my thighs and over my head presenting my firm swollen breasts, caged in my delicate lace black bra. My nipples were just spilling over the edge. I sat down on his lap and felt the sexual tension below me. I leant forward and kissed him deep and long, he grabbed my ass and pulled it towards him. We fondled and groped slowly but definitely, each move of his hands sent my pussy twitching with delight.

‘Stand for me’, he ordered. I stood in front of him feeling exposed whilst he admired my body, he was very vocal about that. I bent over his lap, I felt that he wanted to spank me, he did and asked if it was Ok. Yes it was. He spanked me again and again, gently but firmly I felt the spanks vibrate through my suspenders and they jolted my ass.

I stood up and I bent over, I fondled my breasts, I touched myself everywhere and made shapes with my body that he lusted over. Feeling hot and taken away with myself I slid my fingers down my stomach and over the silk and lace of my knickers, I grabbed the crotch and teased him by pulling them to the side to reveal my aching wet throbbing pussy. He moaned and played with himself through his trousers whilst I watched his throbbing cock. He unzipped himself and I could see the wetness from him through the material of his underwear.

Wet and excited he leaned back, wet and excited I bent over and slid my knickers off to my ankles, bent over for him so he could see the glistening of my cunt. I kneel on the floor playing and teasing my pussy, he spanking me every once in a while. I am electric with lust and want to push my fingers into my pussy for him to see. My legs are wide open and I am wanking and thrusting my fingers into myself. I am perfect and hot and in my complete sexual zone. We both move together whilst apart, we thrust and gyrate at the same speed moving around each other on the sofa on the floor, still spanking me, and then, into the bedroom.

He encourages me to put on his favourite kind of 50’s burlesque panties, which I delight in wearing for him. He wants to see my wetness through the panties, so again I am bent over on the bed. We play for sometime and I orgasm again and again whilst we play.

We look at each other and he takes off his underwear, I move to the floor and grabbing his hand move him so that I can kneel before him whilst I take his stiff, excited cock into my mouth. Oh the pleasure, the madness in my mouth, his smell and taste, all sex. I suck him, I deep throat him, I pull back and lick his end so gently that it quivers at the point of my tongue, over and over whilst we both groan.

I can feel he wants to come and we lay on the bed before one another, I stand above his head fingering my hot wetness between my legs watching his stiffness about to explode before me. He loved the view and I saw his helmet throbbing and getting darker with blood from pressure. ‘I want to come on your tits!’ he shouted, so I jump down whilst he wanked the last few wanks that he had left and I in turn was thrusting my fingers into my pussy. I smelt him cuming, the testosterone push, and his hot wet sticky mess shot out of his cock prouding itself all over my breasts, my pussy pulsating and bursting with my own orgasm. The sweat behind my knees glistening in my stockings and my breath slowing from the intense burst of delight and the colour of his cock turning back to pink, we both lay and enjoy the aftermath…

Wow Mr Scot and thank you for an interesting meeting!

Mr Scott

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